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Should You Quit Your “Meh” Job? Or Is It Salvageable?

Bad days at work are inevitable, just as some degree of frustration and ennui is bound to be a part of almost any job. In this article, the author shares advice from two experts on what to do if you’re stuck in the gray area of deciding whether your job is merely mediocre (and could potentially improve) or downright soul-crushing (and might require a change). They offer seven questions to ask yourself to help you sort it out: 1) Is the workplace toxic? 2) Do you feel depleted? 3) Are you miserable or are you bored? 4) Is there anything about the job you enjoy? 5) Are you really giving it your best effort?  6) Do you need different friends? 7) Is there anything about the job you enjoy?

Some days, you hate, hate, hate your job. Other days, you wonder if you’re truly unhappy or just coming to terms with the reality that workdays can often feel like a long, tedious slog.

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