The best digital torque wrenches of 2024

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Torque wrenches are great, basic tools that should be in every toolbox. They’re designed to apply the required torque for loosening or tightening lug nuts and bolts. Generally, your torque wrench of choice will work for most jobs. But sometimes, you need more control than you get from a traditional wrench. For these jobs, you should consider going digital. A digital torque wrench does everything an analog torque wrench does, where they differ is the use of a digital screen, that shows precise measurements taken by electronic sensors to help you apply the perfect amount of torque. Here are the best digital torque wrenches available on Amazon. 

$197.36 at Amazon

This CRAFTSMAN Digital Torque Wrench has a ½” drive and works with a simple touch of a button. The LCD screen makes this wrench easier to read when in use.

Key Specs

  • ½” drive
  • Backlit LCD digital display
  • Durable clear case
  • Meets ASME specifications
  • Works with the touch of a button

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$154.77 at Amazon

This GEARWRENCH is electronic and has an LCD screen that sends notifications and other information while this wrench is in use. The wrench is made from alloy steel and the handle is resistant to oil and solvent.

Key Specs

  • 7.4/99.6 ft-lb
  • Built with alloy steel
  • 5 torque measurement units
  • Target Torque Alert
  • Oil and solvent-resistant handle
  • Notifications on the handle screen 

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$114.99 at Amazon

This ACDelco ½” Heavy Duty Digital Torque Wrench has an LED screen and a light that flashes to send notifications when in use. It also features a quick-release ratchet and auto shut-off mode after extended inactivity.

Key Specs

  • 14.8-147.5 ft-lb
  • LED flash notifications
  • Quick release ratchet
  • Auto shut-off
  • Ergonomic soft rubber grip handle
  • Certificate of calibration included

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$114.95 at Amazon

This eTork ½” Torque Wrench has a wide torque range and can deliver 25-250 ft-lb of torque. It can make simple and secure torque adjustments to supply the proper amount needed for whatever you may be working on. The backlit screen on the digital scale is able to convert between different units such as lb-ft, Nm, lb-in and

Key Specs

  • 25-250 ft-lb
  • Instantly converts between different units
  • Secure and simple torque adjustments
  • 45-tooth reversible ratchet head
  • Hard protective case
  • Certificate of calibration included

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$48.58 at Amazon

This Summit Tools Bit-Head Digital Torque Wrench makes precise readings with ±3% Accuracy and a readout accuracy between 20% to 100%. It comes with a shock-proof storage case that protects it from wear and tear when not in use. 

Key Specs

  • 0.74-14.75 ft-lb
  • ±3% accuracy rating
  • Built with high-quality steel
  • Prevents over-torquing 
  • Shock-proof storage case
  • Certificate of calibration included

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any drawbacks of digital torque wrenches?

As great as digital torque wrenches are, they still have a few issues to take note of. They are much more expensive than a standard click torque wrench and normally cost $100 or more. They also run on batteries that will need to be replaced over time. Another issue that you could potentially face is with recalibration, digital torque wrenches are calibrated from the factory but will need to be recalibrated once a year. On the other hand, standard torque wrenches don’t need recalibration at all.

What can a digital torque wrench be used for?

A digital torque wrench can be used for removing or tightening nuts and bolts. 

Analog vs digital torque wrench

With a standard analog torque wrench, you must go by feel when applying the proper amount of torque. When using a digital torque wrench there are sensors that apply the correct torque needed with great accuracy.

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