Lady Gaga's Black Off-Duty Look Goes All In On The Quiet Luxury Trend

Lady Gaga, loud fashion icon, is back aboard the Quiet Luxury train. Earlier this week, gaga reignited her interest in stealth wealth fashion, taking to the Los Angeles streets in a pared-back monochrome look that was more power matriarch than mother of the monsters.

Gaga’s outfit consisted of all-black everything. She sported a matching t-shirt and leggings that she topped off with a wide-shouldered wool coat and sleek pumps. With spring in full bloom, we’d expect some color from the singer and actress. Maybe she’s saving those statement moments for her imminent Joker: Folie à Deux press tour.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Quiet Luxury moment without some cult favorite accessories. Gaga came armed with a pair of oversized sunglasses and an extra large woven bag from Bottega Veneta. The Italian brand’s Andiamo tote has been a stealth celebrity favorite even before the recent trend, and Gaga’s piece is a classic staple. The star kept things simple for glam, opting for fresh, sun-kissed skin and a Sofia Richie-approved messy bun. Oh, and Gaga also caused quite the storm by flashing a megawatt diamond on her ring finger which led to talk that she’s now engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Michael Polansky.

Speaking of Polansky, the entrepreneur just celebrated the hitmaker’s 38th birthday in late March. For an evening at celebrity hotspot Giorgio Baldi, Gaga again opted for all-black. Her choice of leather and silver grommets, however, veered more towards The Matrix than Quiet Luxury.

Although Gaga’s personal style might conjure up images of meat dresses and Artpop confections, her recent wardrobe choices—especially her off-duty moments—have been ruled by a “less is more” approach. At the start of this year, Gaga test drove stealth wealth fashion during a trip around Los Angeles. The multi-hyphenate epitomized casual chic in a buttery chocolate blazer, croc heel boots, and another woven Bottega bag, albeit in a smaller, handheld size.

We’d wager that Gaga will be amping up her style as she hits the red carpet in support of her role as Harley Quinn in the Joker. Still, it’s quite intriguing that Gaga—someone who wouldn’t leave home without some sort of headline-grabbing piece a decade ago—would place her bet on pared-back fashion. Call it the Quiet Luxury effect.

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