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Air Canada Wi-Fi: What to Know Before You Fly

For some travelers, staying connected in the air is essential to flying. Whether you respond to business emails before arrival or keep up to date with your social networks, Air Canada generally offers some level of Wi-Fi access, depending on your flight details.

If you’re planning an Air Canada trip soon, here’s what you should know about in-flight Air Canada Wi-Fi.

Does Air Canada have Wi-Fi?

All Air Canada Rouge (Air Canada’s low-cost subsidiary) customers can access high-speed Wi-Fi during their flight. Premium Rogue customers can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, while economy customers have Wi-Fi available for purchase.

Air Canada is working on growing its Wi-Fi capable aircraft. Currently, the carrier offers Gogo-equipped Wi-Fi, but connectivity is limited to certain North American and international flights.

Nearly all of Air Canada’s wide-body planes have streaming-quality Wi-Fi and most of Air Canada’s narrow-body aircraft are also equipped with Wi-Fi.

The exception is the 737 MAX 8 (7M8) fleet, where connectivity is still in progress. As of this writing, just 25% of Air Canada’s 737 MAX 8 (7M8) aircraft have Wi-Fi connectivity.

You can check if Air Canada in-flight Wi-Fi is available on an aircraft before booking your flight. Simply check that the Wi-Fi logo is present in the flight details to confirm that the aircraft is Wi-Fi connected. Keep in mind that you’ll need to verify in-flight Wi-Fi for each flight on a multi-leg trip.

Additionally, you can use the Air Canada Wi-Fi tool on the airline’s website to check if your upcoming flight has Wi-Fi access. You can check this detail using your flight number and departure date, or using your flight route and departure date.

How much is Wi-Fi on Air Canada?

Air Canada passengers can pre-purchase one of three Wi-Fi pass options or purchase a pass at in-air pricing — possibly at a higher cost — after boarding. The pass options include:

  • Air Canada 1-Hour Pass $4.77 ($6.50 CAD). Offers one continuous hour of Wi-Fi access during the flight.

  • Air Canada 1-Way Pass $15.41 ($21.00 CAD). Offers internet connectivity during the entire length of your flight.

  • Air Canada Monthly Plan $48.40 ($65.95 CAD). A monthly subscription for internet access on all Air Canada Wi-Fi capable aircraft between Canada, U.S., and Mexico.

With a pass you can browse the internet, check email, scroll updates on social media and send text messages via Wi-Fi. However, in-flight Air Canada Wi-Fi doesn’t support Voice Service and Voice over IP.

Does Air Canada have free Wi-Fi?

Air Canada’s Aeroplan loyalty program offers complimentary Wi-Fi access for its 75K Status and Super Elite Aeroplan members. Specifically, this benefit offers a 12-month plan for Gogo Wi-Fi for up to five devices. Only one device can be logged into in-flight Wi-Fi at a time.

Additionally, Aeroplan members have access to free texting. To access this complimentary feature, members must add their Aeroplan number to their booking information before checking in to the flight.

How to save on Air Canada Wi-Fi costs using credit cards

Unfortunately, Air Canada’s Aeroplan® Credit Card doesn’t offer free or discounted Wi-Fi access as a travel benefit. However, one way to cover all or part of the cost of Wi-Fi is through a travel rewards credit card.

If you carry a card that provides an annual travel credit you haven’t claimed yet, you can subsidize the cost of a Wi-Fi pass using your card’s benefit. Some credit cards that offer travel credit that can be applied to in-flight Wi-Fi charges include:

Cards that will cover airline Wi-Fi fees

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How to connect to Air Canada Wi-Fi

Once comfortably in your seat, you can connect to Wi-Fi on Air Canada flights in three simple steps.

  1. Go to “Settings” on your mobile device. Set your device to “Airplane mode” and turn on Wi-Fi. 

  2. Select “” to connect to the airline’s Wi-Fi network.

  3. Launch your browser and go to “” and follow the instructions from there.

If you need technical support during your flight, select “Wi-Fi Onboard” for assistance from Air Canada’s Wi-Fi service provider.

If you want to connect to Air Canada Wi-Fi

Unless you have 75K or Super Elite Aeroplan status, chances are Air Canada Wi-Fi will cost you. You might be able to save a few bucks by purchasing your pass ahead of time if you’re sure you’ll need to be connected.

The good news is the airline is focusing its efforts on getting free in-flight Air Canada Wi-Fi for all its passengers in the future. It’s testing out “full, fast and free” Wi-Fi for its regional flights and plans on expanding that to its other customers.

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