From NHERI TallWood to Converging Design: Building Towards Resilient Structures

Simpson Strong-Tie is participating in NHERI Converging Design, the third phase of testing a six-story mass timber building on the NHERI UCSD shake table. This project follows up on the testing of a ten-story mass timber building with the NHERI TallWood project. Our Yield-Link® moment connection and Yield-Link brace connection underwent testing as potential alternatives to post-tensioned rocking wall systems, aiming to decrease the potential for residual drift. Learn more about this project and our live testing event. 

10 -story NHERI TallWood Project

In the pursuit of of creating a new design paradigm within structural engineering that employs multi-objective optimization to maximize functional recovery while integrating additional sustainable building design principles, the NHERI Converging Design project stands as a testament to innovation. The project is something of a sequel to the NHERI TallWood project, which concluded at the end of 2023 and simulated a series of large earthquakes and their effects on a full-scale, 10-story mass timber building using the world’s largest outdoor shake table at the University of California in San Diego.

The Converging Design project involved the deconstruction of the top four stories of the NHERI TallWood ten-story specimen to create the NHERI Converging Design six-story test specimen. This NSF-funded research effort is a collaborative venture involving Oregon State University, Colorado State University, Stanford University, and Penn State University, along with industry partners including Simpson Strong-Tie.

Converging Designs Project
Converging Designs Project

Simpson Strong-Tie took part in this project with our resilient six-story steel frame. This frame incorporates the Simpson Strong-Tie® Yield-Link moment connection  and Yield-Link brace connection, employing replaceable fuse technology to absorb inelastic demands and reduce residual drift. Enhanced design procedures consider higher mode demands for a more uniform drift profile. Hear from our experts below.

At the end of February, we hosted Simpson Day on the UCSD campus, featuring four tests. The structure endured the testing and remains standing. See a live video of the test.

Our Simpson Strong-Tie employees observed these live tests on the building. Hear what they have to say about being able to witness these test live and in person.

While awaiting the experiment results from Converging Designs, we eagerly anticipate Simpson Strong-Tie’s Steve Pryor- who was the main collaborate from Simpson Strong-Tie, to present on last year’s NHERI TallWood test at upcoming events such as the International Mass Timber Conference, the 2024 EERI annual conference, SEAOC Webinar Series, and others. 

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