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Coping with the Stress of Retirement

Retirement can seem like a dream. Will we ever be able to stop working? Will we want to? Will we be able to afford it? For those of us who have built our lives around work, the transition to not working can be stressful. Whether your worry about retirement is grounded in financial questions, health concerns, or filling your time in meaningful ways, identifying your sources of stress can help you take proactive steps to prepare for this significant life transition from an emotional and psychological standpoint, helping you reduce and manage your stress and enjoy a more positive retirement. The sources of stress will differ for individuals depending on your personal context and where in the seven phases of retirement you are. Provides definitions and coping mechanisms for six of the seven phases to help you identify them and manage your response during them. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your retirement, preparing for it emotionally and psychologically will help ameliorate the stresses that it can bring so that you can focus on enjoying the life you planned for with a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and connection that lasts.

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