11 Best Slim Suits for Men 2024: Svelte Tailoring at Every Budget

Another Great Vacation Option: Suitsupply (Read more here)

Plus Six More Slim Suits We Love

Another Great Designer Option: Prada Wool Suit


Single-Breasted Wool Suit

In a perfect world, if you put “high fashion corporate-core” into one of the newest AI image generators, you’d get this suit: single-breasted, subtly-striped, cut razor-sharp and with approximately zero extraneous details. It’s the perfect shade of black to fit in where black suits do their finest work—funerals and weddings, sure, but also the office, the front row of the latest Prada show, or a family gathering where you plan to flex so hard on your least-favorite cousin he leaves you alone until the next one.

Another Great Spring Wedding Option: Ralph Lauren Chino Suit

Polo Ralph Lauren

Soft Tailored Chino Suit Jacket

Polo Ralph Lauren

Garment-Dyed Stretch Chino Suit Trousers

Other brands have tried, other brands have failed: so goes the story when you try to replicate a signature Ralph Lauren concept. Close to sixty years after Ralph Lauren shocked menswear buyers with his wide, brash ties, the brand that bears his name stands alone in its ability to blend the ultra-casual and the high-end, yielding standout pieces like this lax-yet-cool, unstructured-yet-flattering chino suit, which is soft to the touch, slightly stretchy and, from afar, not all that distinguishable from more standard fare. But it’s the details—like a fully-lined interior and a three-button finish—that set Ralph Lauren apart, and keep it on the throne of American fashion. Long may it reign.

Another Great Rock-God Option: Dries Van Noten Slim-Fit Suit

If you’ve ever dreamed of dressing like the European bodyguard of an incredibly wealthy, low-profile foreign dignitary, Dries has you covered. You know the look: a suit so blue it almost looks black, finished with a certain sheen and worn with a dark dress shirt and black boots to, uh, boot. The legendary Antwerp Six designer takes his cues from that archetype but adds his own flair to the mix, not in the form of unnecessary details or vanity buttons, but in the shape of the suit itself: slim, trim, and positively emanating “fuck-around-and-find-out” energy.

Another Great C-Suite Option: Saman Amel Herringbone Suit

Saman Amel

Slim-Fit Herringbone Wool, Silk and Linen-Blend Twill Suit Jacket

Saman Amel

Slim-Fit Pleated Herringbone Wool, Linen and Silk-Blend Twill Suit Trousers

For the sexiest rendition yet of the trusty navy suit, turn to the Swedish tailoring gurus at Saman Amel. Their expertly-cut herringbone number would sync up swell with suede loafers, a strong-collared dress shirt, and a swanky, candlelit dinner overlooking a sweeping seascape. (Not all that hard to find in Sweden, it turns out, despite popular misconception.) Like the garnish on a well-made cocktail, the slightly wider peak lapels offer a welcome dose of rakish energy; the base is fantastic as is, and then you’re left asking, “What is this?” as you rush to gulp it down. Refreshing, right? That’s this suit, baby. And you in it? A tall, fresh glass of Scandi water, too.

Another Great Vacation Option: Suitsupply Havana Suit


Brown Wool-Silk-Linen Havana Suit

Spend a little too much time on Cigar-Tok (look it up), and you’ll fall down a deep rabbit hole of videos involving coastal hotels, high ceilings, gold-plated tools, custom matches, and laughably tiny coffee cups. The one upside? The guys in those videos are likely wearing something a lot like Suitsupply’s aptly-named Havana Suit. It’s crafted from a blend of wool, silk, and linen, making it ideal for at least three seasons, and the mid-brown tone with the nubby woven finish elevates it above more anodyne alternatives. Want to stand out at a summer wedding? Wear this.

Another Great No-Brainer Option: Boglioli Slim-Fit Suit


Milano Solid Slim Fit Suit

A bold blue suit is never a bad idea, especially when it’s as effortlessly cool as the one made by the Italian suiting legends at Boglioli. Whether you rock it with a crisp white tee or a weathered denim shirt, you’ll master the subtle art of both blending in and standing out—a fine balance long understood by a certain British superspy. (Yes, we’re talking about Bond…again.) And given the suit’s slim cut, you’ll look slimmer, too, thanks to a duo of flush pockets at both the hips and the chest. This one’s 100% wool, making it a better option for the fall and winter months, but that’s A-OK in our books. After all, what better way to cure your wintertime blues than with a grail-level blue suit?

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