X Mining could reshape Bitcoin mining via staking

crypto news X Mining could reshape Bitcoin mining via staking01

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X Mining, a Bitcoin mining infrastructure designed to democratize the process of Bitcoin mining, is launching early access to Bitcoin mining profits.

The X Mining stake-to-mine

The Bitcoin mining space is full of expensive mining rigs and a lot of technical knowledge that is expensive, complex, and energy intensive. 

These are the problems the X Mining project is designed to solve using a “stake-to-mine” model that makes mining on Bitcoin accessible and potentially profitable for everyone.

The vision behind the platform’s design is to democratize the process of Bitcoin mining not just for established mining entities but also accessible to all interested participants in the crypto space. 

It is designed to be efficient yet simple and easy to use.

To achieve this simplified Bitcoin mining infrastructure, X Mining utilizes a shared mining pool, where participants would start mining BTC by staking their XMINING tokens without purchasing mining rigs or having the technical knowledge required to operate a node.

Participants of the staking pool can expect a reward of 162.3 XMINING per mining block, which is distributed to each user based on the portion of stake in the pool and the predetermined annual rate.

X Mining presale

To get the XMINING tokens, participants are required to participate in the ongoing X Mining presale. 

When a user engages in the Presale by purchasing XMINING, X Mining assets are staked immediately to earn rewards from the acquisition day, allowing their assets to stack over time.

The presale is segmented into two phases based on the offering price of the XMINING token. 

The first phase offers XMINING at $0.0070 and, subsequently, at $0.0077, $0.0084, and $0.0102 to be listed in crypto exchanges at $0.025. 

Users are encouraged to connect their wallets and purchase XMINING using Ethereum (ETH) to participate.

According to a tweet shared by the project, the X Mining smart contract has been audited by Coinsult audit to ensure it is a transparent, investor-friendly platform. 

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