Wright presents 2008 documents citing Bitcoin Cash

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On the third day of Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance (COPA) v. Craig Wright, the defendant presented a document referring to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) dating back to 2008.

Bitcoin Cash was created almost a decade after the 2008 document was allegedly written, with BCH coming to the forefront in 2017. Unlike yesterday, when COPA claimed visible forgery in Wright’s Bitcoin origin document titled “Nakamoto is the Japanese Adam Smith”, this document’s metadata also goes back to 2008, with no potential evidence of forgery. 

Wright also presented a document dating back to 2005, which included several passages from the original Bitcoin whitepaper. However, the document’s metadata was tampered with, which he claimed to have done intentionally for educational purposes.

The defendant also accused his former lawyers of having hired ‘flawed experts’, which made his case difficult in the earlier proceedings. The trial is set to last for several weeks.

The legal battle began in 2016 after Wright, an Australian computer scientist, claimed to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto and sought rights to Bitcoin’s intellectual property. In response, COPA sued Wright, aiming for a declaration that the Bitcoin whitepaper is public domain and not subject to individual copyright claims, including over the Bitcoin name.

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