Where Does Your Company Stand With a Succession or Exit Strategy?

PivotPoint Business Solutions has launched the first-ever “State of Succession and Exit Planning in the Horticulture Industry Survey”. Sponsored by Greenhouse Grower Magazine, Advanced Grower Solutions, and BEST Human Capital and Advisory Group, the survey is designed to bring clarity to one of the biggest questions an owner faces: how to transition out of my business “without regret.”

Until now, finding an answer to this question has been daunting. PivotPoint has determined it is because owners are too busy working in the business to work on their future and that of the business. Second, owners simply don’t want to talk about the “end game” or leaving the business. As a result, if an owner or business is hit with one of the dreaded 5 D’s – death, disability, disagreement, divorce, or distress – the chance of a successful financial outcome for the owner and the future viability of the business may be at risk.

The results of the survey will give business owners a much-desired baseline across the eight drivers of business value to determine where they and their business may be tracking above, with, or below peers helping them answer the question, “How ready am I, and my business, for exit or succession?”

Understanding how other owners are unwinding from their businesses without regrets is a topic we need to start focusing on to ensure the horticulture industry remains vibrant and profitable for years to come.

Complete survey results will be shared at AmericanHort’s Cultivate ’24 in a special interactive session on Monday, July 15, in Columbus, OH. Attendees will also receive a copy of the survey results.

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Take the survey today by following this link.

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