What To Expect At 2024 GreenTech Amsterdam

From June 11 to 13, GreenTech will host GreenTech Amsterdam at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center. This is a global meeting place for horticultural professionals to discuss cutting-edge technology and trends in the industry. Attendees will get a complete overview of the market and business opportunities from experts in horticulture.

This year, there will be four themed pavilions for specific fields in the industry: 

  • AI & Robotics
  • Medicinal Plants(Cannabis)
  • Renewable Energy
  • Vertical Farming

Additionally, attendees can visit the Start-Up pavilion if they’re newcomers to the horticulture industry and GreenTech as a whole.

For live demonstrations of new agricultural and horticultural technologies, attendees can go to the Robot Arena or Renewable Energy Demo area. If they’re hoping to see a company or brand in particular, they can easily identify them using GreenTech’s Routes app. With this app, people can pinpoint where specific companies will be on the event floor plan.

Key Events for Floriculture Professionals

Here are several can’t-miss events related to floriculture, horticulture, and greenhouse growers:

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  • Tools and Vision in Data and AI to Create a Better Crop Result – Tuesday, June 11: At this session, experts in the industry will talk about their experience with the digital learning curve of autonomous greenhouses and crop planning tools.
  • Dynamic Lighting Strategies: Nonsense or the Ultimate Solution? – Tuesday, June 11: At this session, experts explore and debate their different points of view regarding dynamic lighting in greenhouses.
  • The Insights Behind the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2024 – Tuesday, June 11: At this session, experts go over the insights and knowledge to be gained from the 2024 Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge for future efficiency and sustainability research.
  • How Technology Can Unlock the Next Wave of Growth for Greenhouse Growers – Wednesday, June 12: At this session, experts go over how new technology, including AI, can revolutionize the greenhouse-growing industry through greater levels of optimization, sustainability, and yield.
  • Soilless Production for Bulbous Flowers: Dream or Reality? – Wednesday, June 12: At this session, experts take a look at the environmental impact of bulb flowers, and ways that it can be reduced through soilless production.
  • Sustainable Growing Requires a Sustainable Substrate – Thursday, June 13: At this session, experts take a look at the current state of peat and plans for sustainable substrates in the future.

Additional details on sessions and events as part of GreenTech Amsterdam can be found within the online program.

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