VW recalls 2024 Atlas, Cross Sport for potential engine failures

Volkswagen is recalling its redesigned 2024 Atlas and Atlas Cross sport models to address issues with their base engines. Their oiling systems may have been contaminated by particulates left behind on the engine rod bearing surfaces during manufacturing that can damage and disrupt the oiling system to the point where the bearings fail, resulting in catastrophic engine failure and a loss of oil containment, which can cause a fire. 

“Contamination during the bearing production process may have caused an increased particle occurrence in the engine oil circuit, which may lead to extensive wear and play and result in damage to the connecting rod bearings,” VW’s report to NHTSA said. “A connecting rod bearing with continuously rising bearing play leads to excessive engine noise. If the excessive engine noise and engine warning light
are ignored and the vehicle continues to be driven, this condition may result in engine failure, potentially causing a loss of motive power while driving, and in rare cases, a loss of engine oil which may pose a risk of a vehicle fire.

Only vehicles manufactured before May 12, 2023 are potentially affected by this issues; examples built after that date were assembled without this defect. VW says it was alerted to the issue by an Atlas catching fire at a VW dealership late in July; the root cause of the problem was identified earlier this month and the recall campaign was then initiated. 

VW says the signs of impending failure may appear before the issue becomes critical. Customers should be alert for excessive engine noise or an unexpected check engine light. If either of these happens, customers should alert their dealer service departments immediately. Recall notifications are being distributed to both dealers and customers. Dealers will receive their notices in August; owners should expect to hear from VW no later than October. 

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