Vitalik Buterin throws shade at XRP centralization

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Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently lashed out at XRP, and applauded his own community’s stance against regulatory measures.

While Buterin admitted to not delving into the intricate specifics of the ongoing situation, he praised Ethereum’s stance against any measure that could unjustly privilege ETH.

Buterin’s tweets further ignited discussions about the decentralization of various cryptocurrencies, with his focus shifting to XRP. 

The Ethereum co-founder criticized XRP’s alleged centralization, referencing a widely viewed video in which he questioned the progress of XRP and IOTA in achieving decentralization. Buterin, known for advocating decentralization ideals, noted that XRP and IOTA were examples of projects that didn’t adhere to these principles.

XRP, despite its classification as a cryptocurrency on platforms like CoinMarketCap, has long-faced debates surrounding its centralization. Buterin’s remarks emphasize the need for transparency and adherence to decentralized principles within the cryptocurrency space.

Buterin: XRP is looking to build on blame games

Buterin also responded to claims by XRP that Bitcoin and Ethereum were under Chinese control. He highlighted XRP’s attempt to position itself favorably to the U.S. government over Bitcoin and Ethereum due to alleged Chinese influence. Buterin pointed out that XRP had not retracted its previous communications advocating this perspective.

The Ethereum co-founder questioned whether XRP had issued an apology for urging US authorities to prioritize XRP over its peers based on the “China-controlled” narrative. These remarks shed light on the competitive landscape within the cryptocurrency industry and underscored the importance of ethical practices and collaboration.

The Ethereum community reacted to Buterin’s comments, with some supporting his stance while others voiced concerns. 

XRP enthusiasts highlighted Ethereum’s potential centralization issues, attempting to draw attention away from XRP’s criticisms. This exchange of viewpoints illustrated the ongoing debates surrounding centralization and decentralization in the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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