Virginia plans $17k budget for Blockchain and Crypto Commission

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Virginia proposes $17,192 annual funding for its Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Commission for 2025 and 2026 to study and recommend blockchain technology.

The allocation is part of a broader effort to support the state’s engagement with emerging technologies, as outlined in a report published on Sunday.

The Artificial Intelligence Commission is set to receive $22,048 annually within the same timeframe, and the Virginia Autism Advisory Council is earmarked to receive $12,090 annually to distribute funds across state commissions.

Established during the 2024 legislative session, the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Commission, now part of the legislative branch, comprises 15 members. The commission aims to conduct studies and offer broader recommendations on blockchain technology — the backbone of cryptocurrencies — and digital assets.

The designated funds are primarily intended to cover operational expenses, including meeting travel costs.

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