Uniswap consolidates, DeeStream taking on ApeCoin

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Uniswap (UNI) is consolidating, while the DeeStream (DST) presale is gaining traction, buoyed by the recent successful audit. DST will likely challenge ApeCoin (APE) in reshaping defi. At present, DST is trading for $0.035 in the ongoing presale.

Uniswap is key in defi

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange. 

However, it faces challenges like high gas fees during peak periods and impermanent loss. 

Despite these challenges, Uniswap is key in defi, and is always working to improve the user experience.

DeeStream presale

DeeStream is a streaming platform that offers instant deposits and withdrawals. Its presale is in progress.

It also offers a unique governance model for investors to have a say in platform changes. 

DeeStream’s rewards program encourages user engagement and is secured by the blockchain. 

The platform will distribute half of its revenue to DST presale investors.

ApeCoin challenges

ApeCoin is rewarding liquidity providers. 

However, there are some challenges to consider. 

Some include impermanent loss risk and high transaction fees.


Uniswap is consolidating, while DST is available for $0.035 in the ongoing presale. DeeStream might outcompete ApeCoin in the future.

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