Traders think Slothana could be the next big Solana meme coin

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Solana meme coins continue to garner attention, and traders think Slothana could be next to explode.

The project is currently in its presale, having raised a staggering $10 million in its first two weeks. Its early success outpaces that other other top Solana meme coins, hinting at a bright future.

Analyst predicts 100x gains for Slothana

Given its meteoric presale success, leading analysts are rallying behind Slothana and speculate big gains are on the horizon.

In a recent YouTube video, renowned gem hunter Jacob Bury speculated the project could 100x following the presale. The analyst says that investors could “turn $1k into $100k” with SLOTH.

Similarly, ClayBro highlighted that Solana meme coins have enjoyed tremendous momentum recently and said Slothana “could be the next big Solana meme coin.”

The project is also featured in leading media outlets like Yahoo Finance, Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, and many more.

Indeed, this notoriety among top analysts and media bodies reflects the project’s vast potential, laying the foundations for an explosive IEO.

BOME and SLERF printed millionaires, SLOTH could be next

It is no surprise that top analysts predict absurd gains for Slothana considering the parabolic success of its predecessors Book of Meme and Slerf.

Both projects launched as presales, with BOME raising $2 million and Slerf raising $10 million. However, it’s worth noting that Slothana has already overshadowed both of these total raises.

Book of Meme became the fastest meme coin to a $1 billion market cap, achieving the feat two days after its IEO. Adding to the excitement, its early success secured it a near-instant Binance listing.

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Slerf also amassed notable interest, eclipsing Ethereum in on-chain trading volume just days after launching.

X analytics account LookOnChain noted how traders capitalized on this frenzy, with one BOME presale investor turning $72K into a tidy $30.2 million.

Traders think Slothana could be the next big Solana meme coin - 2

It also reported how a Slerf trader netted over $3 million by getting in early.

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But could Slothana’s tremendous early momentum render it the next millionaire-making meme coin? One factor in its favor is rumors that a shrewd team of marketers and devs are responsible for its launch.

100X Smog team is behind Slothana? 

Although meme coin success often seems chaotic and randomized, it usually stems from meticulous planning and perfect execution, which is only possible when an experienced team oversees it.

This seems to be the case for Slothana, with rumors circulating that the Smog team is behind the project. Smog launched in February and quickly soared to a $200 million market cap, netting early investors a 100x ROI.

Quick-witted analysts swiftly spotted a connection between the two teams, with Smog commenting on Slothana’s first X post when it had less than 50 followers.

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But regardless of whether it is the same team, the early engagement indicates there is at least some alignment between the two early-stage sensations.

Slothana is a lazy Sloth-themed meme coin aiming to go “from 420 to $420 million market cap.” However, there is nothing lazy about its outrageous early success.

While the emerging meme coin boasts an immensely bullish outlook, time may be running out to buy the presale.

In line with its lazy nature, no presale hard cap has been announced, this means the campaign could end at any time. As such, potential buyers should act fast to secure their SLOTH at its current fixed price.

To learn more about this project, visit the Slothana presale website

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