Traders place DOGE, Pepe on watchlists; KangaMoon surges

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The memecoin landscape continues to evolve, with Dogecoin and Pepe gaining traction among investors. Amid this, KangaMoon (KANG) emerges as a new player, quickly capturing the interest of both seasoned traders and newcomers to the market.

Dogecoin and Pepe have established themselves as prominent figures in this landscape, gathering both popularity and notoriety. Meanwhile, a new contender has emerged: KangaMoon (KANG). KangaMoon has quickly gained attention in the meme coin market, finding its place on the radar of experienced traders and newcomers.

Pepe sees a massive hike 

Ranked among the largest meme coins in the broader crypto market, Pepe has turned in profits for its investors and holders with a significant price hike. The green frog meme coin witnessed a surge of over 16% in the past week, thereby reaching a new historic high of $0.000009885 on March 9, 2024.

With the meme coin industry booming, traders and crypto whales are accumulating more and more meme tokens. This rush has also influenced the value boost of the Pepe token, with investors and crypto enthusiasts adding it to their cryptocurrency watchlist.

Dogecoin’s bullish trend might continue

With the ongoing bullish trend in the crypto market, analysts have touted that OG meme coin, Dogecoin, might continue its upward movement. The meme coin had witnessed a 5% surge in the last week and is currently trading within a weekly price range of $0.159 and $0.170. 

Although the token has seen better days, retracting slightly after a 107% surge in the last month, analysts are optimistic due to its continuous adoption and investor interest. With its name cemented among the top 10 in the cryptocurrency world, the DOGE token is expected to continue in a bullish manner.

KangaMoon value surges amid presale

With its interesting use case, features, and ongoing presale results, KANG is already proving to be an interesting choice in the meme coin market. The meme coin project aims to distinguish itself within the crowded meme coin market by integrating SocialFi and GameFi elements, fostering a dynamic and participatory community.

On the KangaMoon platform, users and participants can engage in fun and exciting activities monthly or quarterly to stand the chance of earning rewards and prizes. Users can also participate in special giveaways to earn KANG tokens that can be translated into real-life value. Also, participants can engage on social media by commenting and sharing posts.

Currently in its third presale stage, KangaMoon has raised over $1.3M in presale revenue with a $2 million funding milestone in sight. Meanwhile, the value of the native KANG token also witnessed a surge from $0.005 to $0.01125, translating to 125% in profits for early buyers. 

Looking ahead, KangaMoon has plans to be listed on a tier-1 centralized exchange (CEX) in the second quarter of 2024. This anticipated listing, according to expert predictions, is expected to attract global attention and generate upward momentum in the coming weeks leading to the official launch.

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community

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