Toyota Land Cruiser toys from Matchbox, Hot Wheels and more that won't break the bank

For more than a few people, this author included, the arrival of the newest, hopefully more affordable Land Cruiser to the shores of the United States is a highly anticipated event. If you’re like me and you won’t be plopping down my money to reserve a spot on the waitlist just yet or paying what could very well be thousands over sticker that dealerships will charge, doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the Land Cruiser excitement. These seven toys below will help scratch the LC itch, without taking up a spot in your garage or breaking the bank one bit.

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If I had to guess, most of you reading this grew up with more than a few Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars lying around, and if you’re like me you still have your favorites strewn about your office or garage. This 60 Series is one of my favorites because it happens to be my dream Land Cruiser, though I doubt I’ll ever find one this clean. The beige color does leave a bit to be desired, but if you’re on the look out for a basic, cheap Cruiser toy, this Hot Wheels is hard to beat.  

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Before I had the opportunity to drive all of the Land Cruiser variations, the FJ40 was the vehicle that was highest on my list. Out in Colorado where I live there are many rust-free examples that I’ve had my eye on, though none of them that I have seen have been my favorite FJ (and FJ Cruiser) color combination of blue with a white roof. That’s exactly what you get with this All-Star Toys Diecast model. While I prefer my models to require some assembly, this FJ40 comes fully built and with a bit more detail, with doors and hood that can open, as well as off-road wheels with rubber tires.

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If you search for a Toyota Land Cruiser Lego, you will ultimately be disappointed when multiple listings for Land Rover Lego show up, as well as a full-size 200-Series replica which, sadly, isn’t for sale. This may not be a Lego, but from afar it sure does look like it, plus it doesn’t come with the Lego tax a Technic Cruiser would. What this FJ does come with is a “working steering, 3-speed sequential gearbox, All Wheel Drive, independent suspension, detailed in-line 6-cylinder engine, lockable doors, removable roof and a working winch” — and at over 2,100 pieces, it should keep you occupied for a bit. 

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Thirty years ago a small indie film came out titled “Jurassic Park” and with it the Jurassic Jeep was born. I’ve seen and thought about buying one of these half door 4x4s for nearly a decade, but if you’re a fan of the book you’ll know that the 80 Series Land Cruiser was the first Jurassic SUV. This particular 80 Series has been fitted with some custom decals, a new bumper, a winch, some off-road lights and what looks like a full-seized spare mounted on the rear. Not bad for a Hot Wheels.

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The cheapest Cruiser on this list is also the most impressive of the Hot Wheels and Matchbox options. Painted an incredible green color with the classic FJ40 white roof, this 1:64 scale car features doors that actually open.

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Our final Hot Wheels on this list is the 80 series, which comes decaled up and even has realistic mud-covered, mud-studded tires. This is exactly how the Land Cruiser was meant to be driven: off-road and in the mud. 

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I saved the best for last with this one. The FJ45 isn’t as well known as its FJ40 brother but in this author’s opinion it is the best of the 40 series. Featuring a bed in place of rear seats this Cruiser was probably more at home on the farm than on the road or trail. This remote-controlled version is 1:12 scale, incredibly detailed, comes in either green (my favorite) or red, and features a two-speed gearbox. According to the listing, “the hood, side doors, and tailgate cargo compartment are all openable, and the front windshield can be folded forward, which can be transformed into a convertible shape if the roof is removed at the same time.”

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