Top Sales Maverick: Flying High at Simpson Strong-Tie

Reflecting on his career journey at Simpson Strong-Tie, Territory Sales Representative Johan Galeano has found fulfillment in his career, citing camaraderie with his team and a balanced work life. Johan’s accomplishments include winning the Sales by Objective (SBO) and Top Gun awards, both of which testify to his dedication and hard work. He genuinely enjoys his job and the trajectory of his career. 

Simpson Strong-Tie Johan Galeano and his wife Nancy

My name is Johan “Maverick” Galeano, and I’m the proud father of a 17-year-old boy named Nathan and am happily married to my beautiful wife, Nancy, and have four dogs and one cat — big family, I know!

Johan's four dogs and one cat
Johan’s four dogs and one cat

I joined Simpson Strong-Tie two years ago, at the beginning of 2022, as a Residential Sales Representative. During my 10-year sales career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some great companies, but I can confidently say that I’ve found my second family at Simpson StrongTie.

Sales Team Group Photo
Sales Team Group Photo

I often get asked by other people in the industry, “What’s it like working for Simpson Strong-Tie?” And my answer is, Simpson Strong-Tie is a company that believes and invests in you. I wake up every day with a sense of purpose. I go to work happy to know that I’m surrounded and supported by a team of talented professionals that have my back 100% and want me to succeed every day. Simpson Strong-Tie cultivates a culture grounded in respect and dedication. We share a sense of unity, working collaboratively to achieve success. While I have fond memories of my past companies, I firmly believe that I’ve found a place where I belong.

Johan providing live demonstration of Simpson Strong-Tie's products.
Johan providing live demonstration of Simpson Strong-Tie’s products.

As part of my job responsibilities, I participate in tradeshows, conduct contractor training seminars featuring live demonstrations, and address customer questions. I also arrange pergola displays for our customers and make sure they’re fully stocked with our Outdoor Accents® products.

Johan with his Sales by Objective Award (SBO)
Johan with his Sales by Objective Award (SBO)

In just two years, I’ve been able to grow my territory by 30%, which earned me my Sales by Objective (SBO) award. Another achievement I’m really proud of is the fact that last year I was recognized as the “Top Gun” of Simpson Strong-Tie. I was awarded a large Championship Belt with three golden plates. The plates were engraved with the words “Knock-Out Performer,” our No-Equal® logo (which is an engineering symbol used on specified plans saying that Simpson Strong-Tie products cannot be substituted for with any other products because there is no equivalent to them in the application) and being from Canada, our Canadian Maple Leaf. This award meant the world to me as it acknowledges my hard work and commitment to relentless customer service.

Johan wearing his Top Gun Award Championship Belt
Johan wearing his Top Gun Award Championship Belt

Working for Simpson Strong-Tie comes with numerous privileges. I appreciate the comprehensive health benefits, competitive compensation, educational programs, and the diverse range of positions and global opportunities available to me. My professional career at Simpson Strong-Tie offers almost limitless possibilities. I also value the work-life balance that the company provides, allowing me to spend quality time with my family.

Canada Sales Team
Canada Sales Team

In reflecting on my career journey at Simpson Strong-Tie, I feel very blessed. I’m grateful to have worked alongside top-notch clients, colleagues, and managers. I want to express my thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far, and I’m excited to keep building stronger, safer structures together! 

Author: Johan Galeano

Johan is a Territory Sales Representative at Simpson Strong-Tie. He has also been awarded the Sales by Objective and Top Gun Champion award for his excellent sales performance in 2023.
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