TON reveals Memelandia hub for meme coin developers

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The Open Network blockchain team announced the launch of the Memelandia hub for meme coin developers.

The Open Network (TON) team explained that the project is part of its incentive program, which was created to support and attract attention to new meme coins. The TON team aims to build a sustainable, loyal, active community.

“This initiative helps meme coins that often go unnoticed by the crypto market get greater recognition.”

TON announcement

The Memelandia website displays a leaderboard that is updated in real time. Projects are ranked based on key indicators such as total value locked (TVL), the number of holders and traders on DEX, and the distribution of airdrops.

To participate in the initiative, users are invited to create their meme token, organize a presale or airdrop, and promote it in the TON ecosystem, including using mini-applications on Telegram.

Last week, TON conducted an airdrop of Toncoin (TON) tokens worth about $2.19 among the most active meme coin traders on the DeDust and platforms. Traders who transacted on DeDust and from March 4 to April 10 were eligible to receive tokens as part of the distribution.

In addition, in March, TON developers announced the distribution of 30 million Toncoin for user participation in ecosystem projects. According to the developers, the program is designed to expand the TON user base.

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