This young boy finds out he’s no longer ‘eligible’ for Make-A-Wish in the best way

A child named Jacob found out in the sweetest most wonderful way that he was no longer eligible for Make-A-Wish. Jacob, his mom, and another family member were sitting on an airplane when the pilot came over the loudspeaker to share some good news.

“Jacob, you are a true hero, and I couldn’t be more proud to share this moment with you,” he said. “ Things like this don’t happen every day, and I don’t take this lightly.” 

He continued, “Jacob, just before takeoff, a representative from Make-A-Wish made contact with the airline. We were informed that you no longer meet the requirements to be a Make-A-Wish candidate.” 

The pilot gets emotional here and has to pause and turn off the speaker.

“You’re still going to go to Disney” the pilot shared, “but according to your most recent exam. Jacob, you have many more years to take all the trips you could ever dream of.”


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“Go ahead and turn around, big man,” the pilot said as he was all choked up. And as Jacob and his mother turn around, they’re faced with passengers holding up five colorful signs, with the words “You. Are. Cancer. Free.” and an exclamation point. 

Everyone cheers and screams while Jacob and his mom and the other family member embrace. 

“Jacob, you’re cancer free!” the pilot said. 

Viewers in the comments were not only touched, but many shared their stories about their own experiences with cancer.

“‘No evidence of disease’ is the best sentence to hear from your child’s oncologist. My son has been cancer-free for 13 years,” one viewer shared. Another shared that her son’s been cancer-free for 2 years. Many other parents shared how many years their child has been cancer-free. 

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Other viewers just shared how touched they were by the video. “Onions. Who’s cutting onions?” one viewer asked. Another said they were crying their eyes out.

This is the best reason to find out you’re not eligible for Make-A-Wish, and a very sweet and creative way to share the news. Congratulations, Jacob!

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