This Teacher Is Sharing the Hilarious (and Cold-Blooded!) Things Her 8th Grade Students Have Said to Her

There are plenty of courses that should have been a required part of our teacher certification programs. Working With a Copier Older Than You Are 101. Intro to “Ask for Forgiveness, Not Permission.” And finally, for any middle school teachers, How To Not Internalize the Literal Meanest Comments From 8th Graders.

Recently, I came across a TikTok from middle school teacher @miss.dugan1, who could have easily taught that last course. But before we get there …

Two important points about 8th graders:

Obviously we side with any teacher dealing with the emotional hazards of the job. But in defense of 8th graders, I invite us all to consider two facts about them before we learn about the shameless (and unfortunately very funny) things they said to their teacher.

First, 8th graders have underdeveloped frontal lobes. Physiologically, their brains are still working on a big switch: defaulting to their turbulent amygdala to relying on their more sensible frontal lobes. That’s hard for brains! Add in hormones and these poor creatures are hardwired for a hard time.

Second and relatedly, 8th graders have no chill. That’s all.

OK. Let’s get to the TikTok.

What we love about this TikTok:

We loved so many things about this TikTok from @miss.dugan1:

  • The deadpan delivery. And extended eye contact, while we’re at it.
  • That she checks off the list with her pen … with determination.
  • The complaint that her feedback is too detailed. “Stop doing your job so well.”
  • “That one was about me. I was eating some crackers.” I want to give her a hug.
  • The simple “thank you” at the end. No, Miss Dugan. Thank you.

What others are saying about these comments from 8th graders:

With over 1.3 million likes, it’s clear that this TikTok resonated with people—both for the humor in it and the representation of what it’s like teaching middle school in 2024.

Many commenters weighed in with their favorite bit of 8th grade prose:

Same, Kailin.

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.54.19%E2%80%AFAM

A modern-day bard.

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.55.54%E2%80%AFAM

Defeated is absolutely the right word.

Other middle school teachers chimed in with their own comments from 8th graders:

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.57.40%E2%80%AFAM


Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.52.42%E2%80%AFAM


Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.56.13%E2%80%AFAM

OK, this is hilarious.

Some were just here to praise her acting chops:

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.55.27%E2%80%AFAM

It really is the saddest checkoff list ever.

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.54.42%E2%80%AFAM


Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.55.06%E2%80%AFAM 1

Very “parent conference” tone.

And some just felt compelled to thank teachers for their service:

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.57.03%E2%80%AFAM

Thank you, Mike!

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 11.57.23%E2%80%AFAM

You get it, Jita!

Here’s the thing: It can be really hard not to take comments from 8th graders personally (as evidenced by the arrows flung at @miss.dugan1). But two things can lessen the sting: 1. Sharing the challenges of teaching, and 2. Having a sense of humor about it. And if you can do both at the same time?

Well, that’s baddie behavior. Fr, fr.

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