These are the slowest-selling new cars of 2024

While overall sales numbers are a solid indicator of an automaker’s success, another metric can show how well its new vehicles resonate with buyers on the ground. iSeeCars recently released a list of the fastest- and slowest-selling new car companies on the market, and a handful of brands appear to have some catching up to do.

Lincoln landed the “top spot” among slow-selling brands, taking an average of 82.6 days to move inventory. Infiniti wasn’t much better, at 79.8 days, and Buick came third with 79 days to sell. 

Slowest-selling new cars of 2024

  1. Lincoln: 82.6 days to sell
  2. Infiniti: 79.8
  3. Buick: 79
  4. Audi: 75.1
  5. Ram: 69.7
  6. Ford: 68.1
  7. Dodge: 67.4
  8. GMC: 66.6
  9. Acura: 65.4
  10. Lexus: 64.5

iSeeCars executive analyst Karl Brauer noted that the fastest-selling brands, which include Toyota, Alfa Romeo, and Cadillac, likely move inventory because they resonate with buyers’ desire for value and a compelling product. The study also noted that seeing GMC, Ford, and Ram so low on the list likely indicates slowing truck sales, which comprise a significant portion of those brands’ numbers. It’s also possible that buyers are turned off by higher prices from those brands.

Fast-selling new car brands also appeared on the used car list, where Honda, Lexus, and Toyota dominated. Unfortunately for Lincoln, it also made the slow-selling used list, between Maserati as the slowest and Alfa Romeo in third.

iSeeCars’ analysis also examined EV and hybrid sales and found that hybrids tend to sell much faster than their electric counterparts. In March 2024, new hybrids took an average of 49.5 days to sell, while EVs took 70.6 days. That again brings us to the price and value arguments, where hybrids are significantly less expensive than EVs, though charging and range concerns also likely play a role.

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