Therabody Cyber Monday Sale 2023: Theragun Massage Gun Deals

The excellent Therabody Cyber Monday sale puts the power of massage in the palm of your hand. Achey fitness fiends and office drones, take note: relief is here. Even if you already bought a massage gun back when this product trend first took over the Internet, you might be due for a re-up. Therabody has steadily improved its massage guns over the years (and introduced new recovery products), and the newest generations of Theraguns are stronger, quieter, and smarter.

The Therabody Black Friday sale officially powered on in mid-November, and it’s rolling over into Cyber Week. This sale brings a bevy of deals on GQ-award-winning recovery products, like the athlete-beloved Theragun Pro and the giftable Theragun Mini. After testing countless massage guns—from budget models to premium products—we can verify firsthand that there’s a noticeable difference when using Theraguns. An order of magnitude of difference. Plus, through some engineering wizardry, the company has also basically solved the massage gun noise problem. They now sound more like a vibrating phone when they’re massaging your quads rather than ongoing construction.

The Best Therabody Cyber Monday Deals at a Glance:

For the full Theragun experience, we’d recommend zeroing in on the Elite or Pro models. If you don’t have time to compare specs, here’s a just-the-hits version of the Therabody Cyber Week sale:

Have Leftover FSA/HSA Funds? Use Them on Therabody Products

If your healthcare bennies include an HSA or FSA card, then you might have some use-it-or-lose-it funds left over at the end of the year. Instead of flushing these dollars into the financial toilet that is the American healthcare system, put those funds to work. Many Therabody products are FSA/HSA eligible. Therabody will even help you work out the reimbursement paperwork if you want to pay using your regular ol’ credit card.

If you don’t know what a Theragun does exactly, here’s a little primer. Each device uses percussive therapy to release tension in your muscles. A motor powers a massage head that pistons up and down thousands of times per minute, pressing deep into your muscles. So, they’re basically like mini jackhammers, helping to break up tight knots and lactic acid in your muscles after a grueling workout or a long day at your desk job. Theragun’s massage guns (also known as percussive therapy devices) became a huge hit with athletes when they launched a couple years ago. You could easily spot one on the sidelines at an NBA game.

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