The TikToker Behind the Internet's Most Infamous Apartment Makeover Doesn't See What All the Fuss Is About

Who are your home style inspirations?

I think just random—a lot from TikTok, and Instagram that I see when it comes to pictures. I have some friends who are really good at decorating, and this is the first time I’m decorating since we just moved together, so I think I just see pictures and I like that clean aesthetic. I don’t have a significant person that I look up to when it comes to it. You’re probably familiar with Swedish influencers like Bianca and Kenza. Do you know them?

I don’t!

So the Swedish influencers are big also, and they have really nice big apartments with a lot of marble and very luxurious apartments, so I like those styles. I guess.

When you talk about it being sleek and clean, does it make you feel more like a functional person?

I think I just feel really calm. I love being at home and drinking a cup of coffee. I just feel like everything’s a little stressful when I have a lot of stuff everywhere and a lot of colors. I think it’s nice too, to have some earth colors.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I never really thought about it that way.

I go to houses that are completely the opposite, and then I think, Oh, this is so cool, but I guess I’m kind of scared to go that road myself. I guess it’s safer to go with neutrals, so maybe for our next apartment, we’ll go a bit more crazy and try to experience or try different things. I heard a lot of people say that. Also, when it’s your first apartment, you usually go with safe choices because you don’t really know what you like yet.

Yeah. Also, a lot of people that I’ve seen videos of have said that your new apartment or the newly designed part of your apartment reminds them a lot of the Kardashian house. Were you influenced by them at all?

Not them specifically, but I guess the whole trend around the beige-gray is really baked in Scandinavia, so Norway and Sweden. When I talk to my friends about the interior, we always go back to those styles. All of my friends were shocked when they saw all the comments. We were like, What? This is what’s nice. It’s kind of a part of our culture. Subconsciously, I think I’m just attracted to neutrals, I guess.

I think it would be really funny if you sold some of the items to the people who are upset that you are getting rid of stuff.

And I said that, too. I told them “You can decorate your own home just how you want.” You can have this if you want. And a lot of people have been asking me if they can buy the old lamp and the old sofa. They really want it, but it’s too late.

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