The maximalist kitchen decor trend that’s about to hit your FYP (and how to affordably get on board)

See ya later, minimalism. According to Pinterest Predicts annual trend report, there’s at least one area of the home that’s about to have a maximalist explosion: The kitchen. Or, rather the kitschen.

According to Pinterest data, searches for “eclectic kitchen decor” have jumped 50 percent while the thrift-forward term “kitschy kitchen” has jumped 75 percent. (Well, well, well, rooster pitchers. I guess your day in the sun has returned.)

Maybe we’ve collectively tired of the spotless, white and marble kitchens that have dominated our feeds for the past few years. (I mean, are those even real? Who is living in these homes where you could seemingly conduct an autopsy on the countertop?) Maybe we’re finally ready to live our truths and display those pink baby deer salt and pepper shakers like our grandmas intended.

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Personally, I’m thrilled. As someone who began collecting vintage rainbow colored Fiestaware at literally 12 years old, I’ve been training well over half my life for this. I also venture a guess that a more eclectic style is far more forgiving when it comes to jelly smears and crusted tomato sauce. Thanks kids!

But fashion trends are one thing. Renovating an entire room just to keep up with whatever new vibe the internet tells us we should be vibing with? Nope. Not in this economy. (Or ever. I mean, who has that kind of energy?) But that’s the beauty here. Yes, of course you can paint those sage cabinets lime green. Or trade in that stainless steel fridge for an eye popping orange SMEG. But you could also scour thrift stores for retro treasures, or proudly display that kooky canister set your great aunt gave you last Christmas. Maybe you’re ahead of the curve and already invested in a cheery red KitchenAid mixer! Or, if you’re ready to drop a little coin and add some fun pops of kitsch to your kitchen, here are some of our favorite pieces of eclectic kitchen decor.

Eclectic kitchen decor that won’t break the bank

Dusen Dusen


Striped Canisters Set of 3

The Brooklyn-based textile company Dusen Dusen can be depended on to brighten up practically any room of the house, but I’m seriously smitten with their kitchen offerings–like these just-funky-enough canisters. They’re made from galvanized stainless steel and though they’re different heights, the circumference is the same which means you can mix and match the lids as you see fit.

Bando Rise and Shine Vase


Rise and Shine Vase

Punch up those Trader Joe’s bouquets in a vase that’s way more fun than plain glass. No flowers? No problem. The old school orange juice carton is an objet’ d art all on its own.

Wovoto Mid Century Dish Towel Set



Mid Century Dish Towel Set

Add a pop of atomic retro to your stove with these colorful dishtowels. They’re impressively absorbent thanks to their microfiber fabric and according to reviews, keep those stylish hues wash after wash.

Infinity Instruments Mid Century Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments


Mid Century Wall Clock

You don’t have to go full 1950s diner with your decor, but a hint of it? Yes please. Available in 14 different colors, this wall clock is a super affordable way to add some kitsch to your walls and as a bonus, maybe even teach your kids the analog method of telling time.

Jen Wang Studios Butter Print

Jen Wang Studios


Butter Print

Another affordable wall option: Fun Pop Art-esqu prints like this one from Jen Wang Studios. It comes unframed and is available in both sky blue and pink backgrounds so you can make the finished product uniquely yours.

UO Home Checkered Juice Glass

UO Home


Checkered Juice Glass

Does our household break at least one glass every other week? Yes. Do we all try harder not to when they’re pretty? Also yes.

Streamline Flamingo Salt & Pepper Set



Flamingo Salt & Pepper Set

I’m not 100% certain these graced the Golden Girls dining table, but I’m saying they could have and frankly that’s enough for me.

Danica Jubilee Berry Sweet Shaped Pinch Bowls

Danica Jubilee


Berry Sweet Shaped Pinch Bowls

These adorable pinch bowls may just convince you to start your career as a cooking influencer. Or, they’ll at least ensure you have the cutest charcuterie boards and snack times around.

Calhoun & Co. Tea Towels

Calhoun & Co.


Vintage Sweet Treat Tea Towels

Can you ever have enough tea towels? I think not. I mean, they’re the quintessential functional decor. This vintage sweets print from the NYC-based Calhoun & Co. will be perfectly at home in your kitschy kitchen.

Urban Outfitters Waffle Spoon Rest

Urban Outfitters


Waffle Spoon Rest

Waffles aren’t just for breakfast! They also make for some whimsical (yet still practical) decor. This stoneware spoon rest will keep cooking messes to a minimum and is dishwasher safe when it’s time to clean up.

Anthropologie Loro Bird Pitcher



Loro Bird Pitcher

It’s not the most practical on our list, but she might just be the prettiest. From the springy fresh yellow hue to the sweetly parrot perched on her detailed branch handle, who needs practical all the time anyway?

Urban Outfitters Flower Power Dish Brush & Holder Set

Urban Outfitters


Flower Power Dish Brush & Holder Set

Yes, even the most boring of kitchen accessories can get an on-trend upgrade. This spunky floral duo turns your eyesore of a dish brush into eye candy–but be warned. It may feel too pretty to do your dirty work.

Dot and Army Merry Meadow Cloth Napkins

Dot and Army


Merry Meadow Cloth Napkins Set of 8

With an array of patterns, colors and textures, this set of eight cloth napkins will give any tablescape a kitschy retro aesthetic.

Whole Housewares Glass Ice Cream Bowls

Whole Housewares


Glass Ice Cream Bowls

Sure, you could scour the shelves of the thrift stores waiting for such beauties, or you could just head on over to a little marketplace called Amazon. These colorful glass bowls are perfect for a fancy ice cream sundae night and not so delicate you have to worry about serving them to your littles.

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