The Madewell Sale Gives Winter the Cold Shoulder

The end of February means one thing: you’re about do for a big ol’ closet overhaul. If that’s stressful, don’t worry—the Madewell sale is live, and it’s going to help you get your spring wardrobe sorted in one fell swoop. But, GQ, you might be thinking to yourself. Where I live, it’s still cold out! Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news here, but the signs are all around us: the cherry blossom trees are already blooming in Japan, Punxsutawney Phil says winter’s over, etc. Heck, you’re not even really getting a jump-start on spring at this point—you’re right on schedule.

The Madewell Sale Hit List

Early or late, the deals are dealing like never before—right now, the Madewell sale boasts an extra 30% off already-discounted styles from the new-and-improved menswear juggernaut. Do the math and that approaches damn-near half off territory in some cases…as long as you remember to enter the code EXTRAEXTRA at checkout. We’re talking perfectly relaxed button-ups, primo jeans, handsome outerwear, plus a smattering of GQ-approved third-party brands like Corridor, Clark’s, and Bass. We’ve distilled the best of it to our favorite styles below, so enjoy your new duds—and the (un)official start of spring.

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