The Limited-Edition GQ Wellness Box Is Here

Every three months, we pile a bunch of GQ editor-endorsed goodies in a box: menswear essentials, top-tier grooming products, gear we want for ourselves. Then we ship that GQ Box—which is always worth way more than it costs—to your house. (You can see more details here, though that’s the gist.) But today marks a big leap forward for the premise. Why? Because we’re dropping our first-ever GQ Wellness Box, an elite-level starter pack designed to jump-start your self-care routine.

What’s inside this limited-edition version of the GQ Box? From grooming hacks to skin care upgrades to mood-enhancing fragrances, we’ve assembled a who’s who of products for skeptical wellness noobs and blissed-out kombucha-sippers alike. And, as always, the value of what’s inside surpasses the box’s price tag by a mile.

So, what’s this GQ-curated wellness experience going to cost you? Well, that depends.

If you’re not already a GQ Box subscriber, the limited-edition Wellness Box comes in at $129. (It’s still worth every penny, considering the entire package would otherwise set you back over $380.) Already subscribed to the GQ Box? You’ll snag it for just $179. Keep scrolling to see what’s inside the inaugural GQ Wellness Box, and then get yours while the getting’s good.

Douxds FLEX™ Vibrating Face Brush

Is it hyperbole to call this vibrating face brush a skin care game-changer? Maybe, but only a little. Its silicone bristles and sonic vibrations cleanse, exfoliate, and rejuvenate, vanishing acne, ingrown hairs, and dark marks with each use. Consider it your nifty secret weapon for smoother, clearer skin—without the fuss. (Retail value: $99.99)

The Nue Co Water Therapy Eau de Parfum

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