The Elton John Watch Auction, Ranked From Hubba Hubba to AWOOGA

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In February, Elton John will auction off a massive trove of his personal effects—921 lots in total!—in an auction with Christie’s. Relevant to us: 31 of the legendary musician’s stupefyingly cool, flamboyant, and quintessentially Elton John watches are up for grabs. The auction comes after John sold his Atlanta home last year; Christie’s is calling this the “Goodbye Peachtree Road” sale. The auction series, which kicks off online February 9th, is divided over eight different themes and includes John’s house decor, photography, paintings, boots, sunglasses, dinnerware, and a neon David LaChapelle sign that reads, “HORNY?!” I’ve gone ahead and ranked all 31 watches in the auction, based on my personal and totally correct tastes.


31. Cartier Santos (High estimate: $20,000)

Perhaps you’re thinking, “If this is the ‘worst watch in the auction’—a stunning Cartier Santos covered in diamonds—then it’s setting an incredibly high bar.” You’d be right. But one piece had to sit in the 31st spot, and nearly every watch in this sale features factory-set diamonds, so the aftermarket bling dings this watch just enough.


30. Roger Dubuis Easy Diver ($18,000)

About as fancy as you can make a diver watch: white-gold case, champagne dial, and a tourbillon.

29. Hublot skeletonized Big Bang ($12,000)

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