The best DIY vinyl car wraps of 2023

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One of the most important factors when choosing a new car is the color, but if you happen to get a car in a color you aren’t a fan of, you can always change it with a vinyl wrap. They can be bought to be as long or wide as you want and come in a variety of colors. Instead of paying thousands of dollars at a shop to do it, you can wrap your vehicle yourself. You’ll just need the proper tools and enough film to cover the whole car. Here are the best DIY vinyl wraps that are available on Amazon.

$21.45 at Amazon

Key Features

  • #1 best-selling automotive vinyl wrap on Amazon
  • 2.5 ft x 5 ft
  • 3.9mm thick
  • Solvent-based
  • Lasts 5 to 7 years

This VViVID XPO Black Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap is the #1 best-selling automotive wrap on Amazon currently. This black carbon fiber wrap can give your car the look of an exotic exposed carbon car at a much more affordable price. This film is 2.5 ft x 5 ft and measures 3.9mm thick. This wrap can last up to 7 years outdoors.

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$36.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • Designed for DIY installers
  • Suitable for cars, bikes, signs and furniture
  • Application card included
  • 3.5mm thick
  • Invisible air channels

This Rvinyl 3M Vinyl Car Wrap Film Sheet Roll is designed for DIY installers wanting to give their ride a new look. This film is compatible with cars, bikes, signs and furniture. It has air-release technology that uses small channels on the back of the vinyl to allow air to flow and eliminate bubbles from forming.

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$52.98 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 5 ft x 7 ft
  • Air-release technology
  • Self-adhesive peel and stick
  • Tool kit included
  • Water-resistant
  • Long lifespan

This EzAuto Free Tool Kit Stain Chrome Black Car Vinyl Wrap Sticker Decal Sheet has air-release technology and self-adhesive peel and stick. This film is made from automotive-cast vinyl and provides extra protection from wear and tear, scratches and is water-resistant. A free tool kit is included if you purchase a film larger than 4” x 8” from this brand.

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$9.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 1 ft x 5 ft
  • Air-release technology
  • Bubble free
  • Waterproof
  • Lasts up to 7 years

This Lypusmo Matte Black Car Vinyl Wrap gives a sleek look to your vehicle. It features bubble-free air-release technology and is waterproof. This film can last you up to 5 years if kept outdoors and up to 7 if parked indoors.

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$21.99 at Amazon

Key Features

  • 2 ft x 5 ft
  • Lasts up to 10 years
  • Built-in air channels
  • Can be repositioned during installation
  • Won’t harm your paint
  • Knife and scrapper included

This LZLRUN Matte Black Vinyl Wrap is durable, long-lasting and won’t harm your paint. This film can be repositioned during installation and has built-in air channels on the adhesive side. It can last up to 5 years if parked outdoors and up to 10 if kept in a garage.

How to choose the right vinyl wrap

Before choosing a vinyl film, make sure you pick a wrap color you will love. If you make the wrong choice, you will either have to remove it and start over, or you just have to live with it. Another thing to consider is if you want a matte, satin or gloss wrap. Also, make sure you measure the height and width of your vehicle and make sure you buy a film large enough to cover the entire exterior. They come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate any vehicle.

How to install a vinyl wrap

Installing a vehicle wrap is a time-consuming process and needs to be done right if you want your car to look good. It can also be pretty intimidating and difficult for beginners, so making sure you have the proper tools is crucial. You will need a heat gun, a squeegee, a tape measure, gloves, masking tape, a razor and cleaning solution. Here is a full video tutorial from Diymike on YouTube on how to apply a vinyl wrap properly.

What can a vinyl wrap be used on?

A vinyl wrap can be used on other things besides cars. They can be used for motorcycles, ATVs or any other vehicle you feel like customizing. Vinyl wraps are able to stick to metal, plastic, glass and varnished wood and to some walls. If the film sticks to it, it can be wrapped.

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