The 16 Best Watches at California’s Swankiest Car Show

The Pepsi’s my favorite GMT, too.

Yes, I’m not really like a Rolex guy but I love this thing.

I’m glad you got it on the Jubilee versus the Oyster bracelet.

KBF: It’s super nice, trying to class it up a little bit. But I’m much more of a car guy than a watch guy.

Is the Rolex love connected to the car love at all?

KBF: Not really. I just like old shit. All my cars are old. I’m a ’90s car guy so I like the ’80s and ’90s aesthetic.

Do you collect a lot of RM?

Tommy: To be honest, I’m not a big RM guy. I’m a big Ferrari guy.

So what’s most of your watch collection?

Tommy: Really Patek and Rolex. I got an F.P. Journe and I’m getting another one now. I have an AP skeleton. My loyalty is really to Patek and Rolex. I started buying from the Geneva Patek boutique probably five or six years ago, before the hype was real.

Adam Golden, owner of Menta Watches: Perfect time to get into it.

Tommy: Exactly, and I’ve maintained my relationship with them.

This is your only RM, though?

Tommy: This is, at the moment, my only RM. I got the 67-02 on order.

Adam: That’s the only one I like.

Tommy: This one and that one are the only ones that are wearable.

These watches are crazy light.

Tommy: They make this watch in rose gold, ceramic… This titanium finish is the best one, I think. The wearability of it is great. I’ve had the strap in baby blue, I’ve had it on black. It’s all fucked up because I ski with it, I hike with it, I swim with it.

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