The 11 Best New Serums for Every Skin Concern

Come winter, you’ll need an extra dose of hydration and protection.

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Wintertime provides some of the most magical moments of the year. But alongside the parties and traveling, the holiday season might also bring with it some issues for your skin. This time of year, the complexion is drier and can appear lackluster or dull. One of the most important steps you can take to soothe dry, chapped or overstimulated winter skin is by using a high-quality serum, which works faster than a face cream, absorbing quickly and penetrating deep into the dermal layers. Below, we’ve culled the best 12 serums that debuted this year to address the skin concerns that might plague you in the cold weather. Whether you’re sipping a bourbon cocoa in the Dolomites or nursing a glass of cabernet downtown, your skin will be fully hydrated—so you can focus on the most wonderful time of year.

The Best Overnight Anti-aging Serum Concentrate (Splurge)

Launched at the tailend of summer, this exceptional formulation is nothing short of skin divination. The cutting-edge science behind this lotion resynchronizes and rejuvenates the skin with a hefty 25 botanical anti-aging components while you sleep. From the first use, skin is noticeably more plump and hydrated in the morning.

The Best Serum With Retinol

For retinol devotees, we highly recommend the Royal Fern Retinol Solution, as the mushroom complex protects the skin barrier and plumps the skin. The encapsulated retinol and glycolic acid are gentle but mighty, minimizing lines and helping fade hyperpigmentation.

A Facelift in a Dropper: Superb Lifting and Tightening

Prepare to be amazed with Chanel’s latest skincare launch. This stellar composition lifts and tightens the skin throughout the day and evening without any heaviness. The formula’s melipona enzymatic ingredient is a responsibly sourced honey from the Chanel labs in Costa Rica.

to Soothe Chapped, Dry Winter Skin

Use this product to soothe chapped, dry skin that’s suffering from cranked-up heaters. From the first application, the skin becomes calm and intensely hydrated. The pepper berry extract is an excellent hydrator and gives superior skin barrier protection, while lupine seed extracts promote collagen production.

Best Primer-and-Serum in One

A new launch from the house of Estée Lauder, this product plumps and provides a beautiful glow, leaving the skin a blank canvas before makeup application. The peptide, vitamin E, and glucosamine combo help smooth the skin, keeping elasticity intact throughout the day.

The finest neck serum we’ve used all year. With two pumps, this formulation incorporates powerful microbiome technology to keep your neck smooth, minimizing any crepey skin and keeping it hydrated long-term.

Best Post-Procedure Serum

Since its release earlier this year, nurses and surgeons alike have been recommending this lightweight serum for post-op and procedures—mainly because of the mighty but super-light consistency that absorbs into the skin, delivering nutrients and protective oils.

To Repair Damaged or Scarred Skin

Excellent at healing damaged and scarred skin—but also worthy to keep around if you need to smooth the complexion a bit. The organic blend of super oils uses regenerative bone peptides extracted from upcycled cow bone. Over the course of time, the skin will show significant improvements in barrier function, barrier repair, density, hyperpigmentation, and the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Active Microbiome Serum

While it is not technically new, we have honestly failed to find anything superior in terms of microbiome actives. This is powerhouse serum that rehabilitates the skin’s own microbiome to regenerate the skin. Editrix is the only brand to use a combination of amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins to strengthen the skin barrier and effectively anti-age. The result is skin that has an unmatched radiance and overall health.

Best Serum for Instant Hydration

This serum delivers instant gratification for tired skin that’s been overworked and exposed to environmental stressors. The lightweight gel formulation uses the adaptogen power of Breton seaweed and reishi mushrooms to rehydrate for an impressive 72 hours.

To Minimize Discoloration, Hyperpigmentation, and Redness

This is one of the most promising skin products we fell in love with this year. But you must give it a month to see results. The serum’s chlorophyll infusion reduces redness, while nature’s hydroquinone, alpha arbutin, and licorice root reduce signs of UV damage and blemishes or spots.

Best Plumping Serum Overall

Dior’s Paris labs have created a product that creates visibly plumper, smooth skin. Three pumps in the morning and at night is recommended for best results.

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