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Taipei Biennial 2023 Announces the Grand Opening of “Small World”

Organized by Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM), the 13th edition of the Taipei Biennial, titled Small World, opens November 18, 2023, and runs through March 24, 2024. Curated by Freya Chou, Reem Shadid, and Brian Kuan Wood, the biennial features works from 58 local and international artists, musicians, and writers, transforming the museum into a space of listening, gathering, and improvising.

There is a lonely and entitled place to which we have lost parts of ourselves and our societies, but it may also be a place that welcomes strange acts of refusing to scale up or down, to amplify, unplug, move, or stay put. The “small world” might lure us towards illusions of impossible permanence and simplicity, towards absolute primacies and intoxicating authenticities that surpass all influences, promising the comfort of becoming immersed in ourselves. However, it also encourages us to betray the need to translate and be understood so we can please others for some eventual benefit that never arrives. Maybe we took too long to recognize an imbalance in scales as unbearable, and maybe it is only now that we can begin to explore how limited movement can bring expressive power.

Small World invites visitors to reorder their relationships with other people and their surroundings in the wake of the pandemic. It proceeds along multiple dimensions to delve into the emotional exchanges and interactions among people, from artworks on display in the galleries and musical performances to research and art projects by artists-in-residence, workshops, public programs, an online journal, and a cinema program.

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