Strata managers struggling with verbal abuse and long hours

Strata managers are increasingly facing difficult working conditions, with nearly two-thirds facing verbal abuse from both owners and tenants on top of long hours.

The findings were released in a report from MRI Software titled, Voice of the Strata Manager, which found that 69 per cent of strata managers said managing the workload was the biggest challenge they face.

While 58 per cent said dealing with aggressive or abusive owners or tenants was the most significant battle.

Overall, 19 per cent of strata managers worked more than 51 hours per week and 43 per cent said they have struggled with their mental health due to their jobs.

The report also revealed that the long hours also have an impact on the attitude of strata managers with the more hours that are worked, the more it negatively impacted how they felt about the job.

Strata Industry Specialist for MRI Software in Asia Pacific, Jessica Kaye said working conditions in the industry can be incredibly testing for strata managers.

“The amount of stress that strata managers experience is profound,” Ms Kaye said.

“With hundreds of thousands of new lots planned in coming years, the pressure and responsibilities of the role may shift but will definitely grow.”

Source: MRI Software

David Bowie, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for MRI Software in Asia Pacific, said he wants tenants and owners to better understand the role strata managers play.

“We want Australians to better understand what life looks and feels like for strata managers,” Mr Bowie said.

“They are such a critical part of the Australian economy and property industry ecosystem and are often unsung heroes. 

“Our hope in releasing this report is to trigger productive conversations and solutions to support them.”

According to the report, communicating with building owners takes most strata managers’ time. 

Overall, strata managers enjoyed doing accounts and trust work (51 per cent), site inspections (48 per cent), and workflows and communications, which is liked or loved by 57 per cent. 

And despite the tough working conditions, 85 per cent of strata managers said they would still remain in the industry.

MRI Software released MRI Voice of the Property Manager at the start of 2022.

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