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Stories in Motion with The Red Road Project

Re-Discovering Native America: Stories in Motion with The Red Road Project highlights contemporary narratives from Indigenous individuals and communities across the country. Founded in 2013 by Danielle SeeWalker and Carlotta Cardana, The Red Road Project seeks to provide a platform for Native Americans to share their stories in their own voices, challenging historical accounts that often overlook and misrepresent their perspectives. Showcasing photographs and stories collected between 2013 and 2024, the exhibition aims to redirect the narrative surrounding contemporary Native America. The collection offers a glimpse into the lives of community activists and leaders who walk “the red road,” a symbolic expression in many Native communities for living purposefully on a path of positive change.

The show at Bedford Gallery also introduces a new set of photographs and stories collected during a special Bay Area residency in February 2024, highlighting the unique stories of Indigenous people in Northern California and, specifically, the Bay Area.

In addition to the collection of photographs, a selection of sculptural works by celebrated Native artists Danielle Boyer, Tyler Eash, Chelsea Kaiah, Brent Learned, Carmen Selam, and Anna Tsouhlarakis will be on view. 

The exhibition runs April 13–June 23, and the gallery, located in Walnut Creek, California, is open Wednesday–Sunday, 12–5pm.

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