SOL gains momentum as new altcoins enter the market

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Amid a market captivated by memecoins, SOL’s recent price surge raises questions about their impact. Meanwhile, GFOX’s presale results, exceeding $4.6 million, hint at growing investor enthusiasm for utility-rich meme coins.

SOL has surged dramatically in a recent rally, leaving investors wondering whether memes have anything to do with this price pump. At the same time, investors are noticing GFOX, the new crypto which is now past the $4.6 million mark in its presale.

GFOX surpasses expectations

ICOs are part of a cryptocurrency’s journey. Although they are meant to raise funds for the new cryptocurrency project to take off, they also give investors a glimpse into what a crypto project is worth. A successful presale often indicates a coin’s ability to grow in the market. It also proves that investors already believe in the team behind the project as well as the project’s offerings.

The GFOX presale has been a very promising one. So far, at stage 9 of the presale, the coin is over 97% sold off. The presale has raised a total of $4,656,292 and counting, making it stand out as one of the most successful presales of 2024.

Analyzing GFOX’s performance

The coin’s unique positioning as a utility-rich meme coin and high-growth potential cryptocurrency is the reason for its enhanced performance.  It is inspired by the success stories of DOGE, SHIB, PEPE, and other meme coin projects that have taken the crypto market by storm.

However, GFOX is not content with being just another meme coin. The coin offers utility to its investors. For example, the coin offers a staking platform that allows investors to stake GFOX in exchange for rewards. Staking reads are paid from the GFOX stargate that collects 2% of every GFOX transaction.

Investors can also access an interesting NFT collection in the market using GFOX. This is made up of 3,000 items that can be minted directly from the GFOX marketplace.  Those who prefer physical merchandise will also find fun fashion items and collectibles in the marketplace.

Other than the features, which are loaded with utility, there is another aspect of GFOX that makes it a good option: its growth potential. The coin has been increasing in price from day one of presale. Although this is a strategic move by the GFOX team to ensure that early investors get the most gains, it still allows GFOX enthusiasts to see massive gains by the launch date.

SOL’s rally linked to meme coin mania

As the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, SOL is considered one of the top cryptos to buy now. The coin, which is now trading at $169, is often in the news about its price increases. Market analysts are speculating about its new rally, wondering if it may have been caused by the recent meme coin mania.

Meme coins have been making waves after investors’ attention turned from AI-based coins to these meme-based investment options. With top meme coins like BONK and WIF, which are based on the Solana blockchain registering unbelievable price hikes, (108% for $BONK and 601% for $WIF in the past month), it may not be farfetched to imagine that the 46% price increase in the price of SOL in the past month might be a side effect of these coins’ growth.


SOL is showing impressive gains at a time when meme coins, (especially those based on the Solana blockchain) are registering price surges. At the same time, GFOX has continued to impress investors with its fast-selling presale that is now past the $4.6 million mark, competing for its position as the top crypto to buy now.

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