SOL, BNB, ETH holders turn their attention to DeeStream presale

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As the bull market elevates cryptocurrencies like SOL, BNB, and ETH, their holders are diversifying into promising new tokens, notably DeeStream (DST), drawn by its potential and unique features.

There is hardly any token that the ongoing bull market has not positively impacted. However, tokens like Solana (SOL), Binance Coin (BNB) and Ethereum are more affected as they record price surges.

Despite these price upticks, their investors keep a close tab on new tokens such as DeeStream (DST) with less price value. These investors continue to show interest in DeeStream (DST) due to its numerous functions and profit potential.

Solana records 20% weekly growth 

Solana remains one of the tokens cementing investors’ confidence in the crypto market. The past week showed Solana crossing the $200 resistance level to then consolidate at $182.

It took a long period for Solana to break through the $150 barrier, and several analysts had predicted a similar run for the $200. However, It is shocking that Solana quickly crossed the barrier by recording 20% weekly growth.

Analysts say a price correction might bring Solana below $160 for a brief period before pushing back up, or Solana could remain stagnant and hover around $180 for an extended period. Whichever prediction comes true, time will tell, and until then, Solana investors are recording a profit margin to the tune of over 20%.

Investors, therefore, think that it is prudential to divert some of these gains to tokens like DeeStream so that when the price correction resumes, the loss on Solana investors will be minimal.

DeeStream presale receives interest 

Since DeeStream began its presale, which was followed by increased attention from investors and enthusiasts, it is expedient to identify what makes it a unique protocol.

The first unique feature is the affordable price of DeeStream. DeeStream is available for $0.055 and has advanced features. 

These features include the presale investors’ revenue, where all investors participating in the DeeStream presale will earn a portion of the fees generated on the platform. This revenue will be proportionate to the investors’ holdings; the more your holdings, the more your revenue.

Another unique feature is the swap service, which allows a DeeStream holder, via the decentralized platform, to exchange different tokens with a 0% commission. The icing of this feature is that users do not need a third-party wallet to swap their DeeStream to other tokens and vice versa.

Moreover, all transactions and records are expected to be highly secured and immutable. DeeStream, although it requires no KYC, has additional layers of security features to ensure users’ wallets and data are not compromised.

BNB edges ETH with fast transaction speed, cheaper cost

There is an unofficial rivalry between Binance Coin and Ethereum, as investors mostly pick between either of the two when they are not going for Bitcoin.

Analysts say the foremost advantage that Binance Coin has over Ethereum is the block time, which takes Ethereum about 5 to 14 seconds per block, while Binance Coin spends around 3 seconds. Ethereum developers are, however, expecting the full Dencun upgrade that would put Ethereum transaction speed at par with the likes of Binance Coin.

On the other hand, Ethereum has more participants running the chain on its network than participants on the Binance Coin Smart Chain. This increased number of participants means that Ethereum records more block creations and transactions than Binance Coin.

Despite this unofficial rivalry, there is a unanimous movement, with Ethereum and Binance Coin traders showing interest in DeeStream.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale by visiting the website.

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