Shiba Inu and Floki prices retrace, KangaMoon soars past $2.3m

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As Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki (FLOKI) experience price retracements, KangaMoon surpasses expectations, raising over $2.3 million in its presale stages, signaling strong community support and market potential ahead of its launch.

In recent market movements, two prominent meme coins, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Floki (FLOKI), have been facing a price retracement despite significant gains witnessed over the past month. This has prompted investors to closely monitor the situation. 

Meanwhile, KangaMoon has emerged as a promising alternative, having successfully completed the third stage of its presale with an impressive fundraising result of over $2 million. This achievement not only highlights KangaMoon’s strong community support but also positions it as a noteworthy contender among established meme coins, drawing considerable attention as it prepares for its official launch.

KangaMoon slowly takes up more adoption

KangaMoon (KANG) has entered the meme coin space as a standout player. KangaMoon has pioneered a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game infused with social finance (social-fi) elements, where users can even earn currently by sharing posts and commenting on its social media platforms

With over $2,336,943.107 already raised in the 4th stage of its presale, the native KANG token is already garnering huge adoption in the gaming landscape. In the Kangaverse, players immerse themselves in KangaMoon’s universe, embodying characters like colossal kangaroos, as they navigate through quests, engage in player-versus-player battles, and participate in community-driven events. 

The allure of KangaMoon lies in the opportunity to earn KANG tokens and other valuable in-game items through participation in various battle contests. These items, along with personalized characters, can be kept or traded on a dedicated marketplace. Besides, this ecosystem enhances the gaming experience while creating a vibrant virtual economy where players can monetize their in-game achievements and assets.

Following the conclusion of the third presale stage, the KangaMoon token has now surged by 180% to $0.014. As a frontrunner in attracting a substantial user base, analysts foresee a potential rise of up to $1 for KangaMoon this year when it finally launches on top-tier exchange platforms.

Floki retests earlier lows after falling slightly 

After starting a bullish rise in the beginning of the month, the price of Floki rose to impressive heights, reaching a peak of $0.000303 five days ago. However, due to another major sell off, Floki dropped and it has been trying to retrace its price since then. 

In the past week alone, Floki has lost by 37.97% which is an accumulation of a current 21% daily drop at the time of writing. This has reduced the weekly price range of Floki to around $0.0002057 and $0.000303. Despite the recent price drops, Floki is still maintaining a positive monthly record as the token is showing a 381.17% price increase in the past month.  

SHIB sees a prolonged drop 

After hitting a peak price of $0.00004289 in the past two weeks, volatility didn’t allow Shiba Inu to keep rising, instead, it dropped to a lower and began to retest lower prices ever since. 

Currently trading within a weekly price range of $0.00002469 and $0.00003378, Shiba Inu has lost by over 23% in the past week. However, despite the price fluctuations happening with Shiba Inu, the token is still showcasing a positive performance of about 154.95% rise in the past month.  

To learn more, visit the Kangamoon website or join their telegram community

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