Sean Bankhead Is Your Favorite Pop Diva’s Favorite Choreographer

Photograph by Jamie Bruce

The “Bongos” video is bonkers. The moves are so subtle, but they’re so addicting to watch. What was it like working with Cardi and Megan on their comeback song?

I love both Cardi and Meg. We already had a great working repertoire where they know if they’re coming to rehearsal with me, they’re coming to work, they’re coming to dance, they’re going to sweat, they’re going to work extremely hard. We’re extremely dedicated, especially when it comes to the music videos and the visuals.

Cardi will be in rehearsals for a month because she admittedly says she can’t dance. The scene where we had them positioned on that metal structure– I call it the Adult Jungle Gym—those positions were hard, and they hurt after a three-day shoot. I think that was the last scene that we did. They’re troopers and I love creating with them.

What do you think makes a performance or music video memorable?

You got to think outside the box. A lot of people just don’t really care. I always like to try to break the rules and think outside the box. I’m like, Normani, can I drag you on the floor and have all these dancers flipping around? I promise it’s going to be sick. And she’ll be like, Okay. I try not to do the same thing twice.

I heard you have something new coming up with Lil Nas X. Are you also planning to work with Normani anytime soon?

Yes, I do have some Lil Nas X things coming up. Fingers crossed! I’ll say life be lifeing. I love Normani so much and want to give her the time and the patience to figure out how and when she wants to come back. At the end of the day, no matter if it still takes two more years, people will still be waiting.

Yeah, I will still be waiting.

I’m excited. Yeah.

Are there any new artists that you are looking to work with? I remember there was a freakout on Twitter when you followed Flo.

I love them. I’m just a fan. I love Flo. I think they’re great. I’ve done a couple of girl groups in my days. I did Omg Girlz, I did Fifth Harmony. I even did the girl groups on Star, the TV show. I also love Tyla. I was a fan of her before that whole “Water” challenge— but yeah, we’ll see.

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