Sealana presale ends in 18 days

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Sealana, a memecoin that has raised over $3 million, wraps up its presale in 18 days.

The team behind the Sealana (SEAL) memecoin presale has announced it will end on June 25, at 6 PM UTC.

Sealana, a new Solana memecoin with a comedic take on American patriotism and political satire, has hit the ground running as its presale steams past $3 million in a matter of weeks.

Talking to Solana’s degen crowd, Sealana’s mascot is inspired by South Park’s infamous “World of Warcraft Guy” – an overweight couch potato whose passion is consuming junk food in front of a PC.

While Sealana was initially limited to the Solana network, the team has expanded its offering, and now Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain users can participate.

With that, the presale accepts payments in SOL, ETH, BNB, USDT, and even bank card.

Following the tracks of Solana presale icons like Book of Meme and Slerf, Sealana’s presale is taking place at a fixed price of $0.022 and employs a “send to wallet approach.”

Sealana’s website had not announced a soft cap, hard cap, or even total token supply.

However, that has not stopped the memecoin community from piling in. 

With over $3 million raised, it is evident that Sealana’s witty South Park references and Trump-themed memes have turned heads. Yet this is no surprise, considering the Solana community’s insatiable appetite for controversial projects.

Sealana presale end in sight; last chance to buy at $0.022

The Sealana team announced on social media that the presale will end soon.

Presale investors will receive their SEAL tokens via an airdrop a few days after the campaign concludes.

This distribution method removes the need for users to manually claim tokens, reducing gas fees and improving the investing experience.

As the memecoin narrative continues to take shape, Sealana is entering the market with the full support of a vocal community.

The token boasts over 12K followers on X and 8K members on Telegram.

Its early momentum means there is every chance this could be the next presale to explode, following in the footsteps of BOME, SLERF, and SLOTH.

There remains an opportunity to buy, yet potential investors need to act swiftly as the presale concludes in 18 days.

For more information, visit the Sealana presale website.

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