Saylor stresses $1m Bitcoin potential, points to current price

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After Bitcoin’s (BTC) price recently shot up to $50,000, there was a flurry of speculations about its prospects. One of the most cogent arguments was made by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who has suggested that the cryptocurrency has the potential to reach $ 1 million over time. 

He cited the 330% surge in Bitcoin price since 2020 to support his case. Saylor also highlighted the record investor inflows that the recently launched Bitcoin ETFs have attracted since their launch in the U.S. 

In the altcoin sector, InQubeta (QUBE) has sent crypto users into a tizzy with its rapid strides and presale success. Built on Ethereum, the platform helps AI startups raise funds and grow their brands. Its cryptocurrency ICO has raised over $9.9 million.

InQubeta: Disrupting the startup ecosystem with DeFi

InQubeta is a growth-oriented platform for equipping AI startups with resources to expand their businesses. 

Its native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, is the only mode of payment within the InQubeta ecosystem and is used to access all its services. 

The token has a supply of 1.5 billion, with 65% of it meant to be sold to the public. The remaining amount will be re-invested into the platform to cover operational expenses. These expenses include developers’ fees, legal experts’ fees, financing staking incentives, and supporting liquidity levels.

If you’re interested in supporting your generational wealth with passive income, InQubeta’s staking service is an option you can consider. The staking feature locks up tokens in a liquidity pool, where they are safe and contribute to the platform’s growth. 

In exchange, owners receive crypto rewards from a dedicated pool funded by tax collections. The longer the staking period, the more passive income you’ll earn.

Crypto users can invest in startup projects through InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. The NFTs traded are minted from startups’ offers and are bought with QUBE tokens. 

The marketplace allows fractional investment, meaning even budget-conscious crypto users can participate. 

The transparency of the process was among the main reasons that catapulted its popularity, making it one of the best altcoins for 2023. 

InQubeta also provides other startup-centric services, including mentorship support. InQubeta connects firms with veterans from the AI sector who can guide innovators and provide valuable insights. These professionals come with years of experience and help startups find better opportunities. 

The platform also has an accounting support team where advisors help startups solve finance and law-related challenges. If a brand is stuck with marketing, InQubeta can assist them in making the proper noise and growing their network. 

AI-focused brands can tap into InQubeta’s social media channels to strengthen their online presence.

The InQubeta team is working hard to expand its reach and drive greater impact. To that end, the team has planned several new developments that will be unveiled in the future. 

These initiatives include a staking dApp to introduce more crypto users to InQubeta. The team is also looking into getting the QUBE token listed on crypto exchanges.

Bitcoin’s liquidity is the highest since October

Bitcoin, the oldest cryptocurrency in the world, has been performing better than many new altcoins for years. Its native token, BTC, is used for fast and seamless online transactions. 

To ensure security, all BTC transactions are validated through a consensus protocol.

Bitcoin’s recent gains are attributed to the growing global interest in investing in spot Bitcoin ETFs. The CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, recently stated that Bitcoin could reach $1 million.

Furthermore, Bitcoin achieved a new milestone when it was reported that its order books were the most liquid since October of the previous year, making trading more accessible. 

According to data from Kaiko, on February 20, 2024, the total value of Bitcoin’s buy and sell orders at a 2% market depth reached $539 million.


InQubeta and Bitcoin are considered the two cryptocurrencies this year. 

These tokens have shown a consistent upward trend and have impressed analysts with their growth potential. 

Considering InQubeta and Bitcoin can be an opportunity for crypto users. They can also be added to portfolios to diversify them. These cryptocurrencies are backed by robust security frameworks that protect users’ privacy and wealth.

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