Ryan Bradeley on building a database business

Former navy pilot Ryan Bradeley understands discipline and structure better than most, and he’s been able to use that to become an elite sales agent at Ray White Kawana Waters.

In a short space of time, Ryan has quickly become the number one agent in his area using a database model and living by the mantra that ‘data share equals market share’.

In this interview with Ray White Head of Performance and Recognition, Bianca Denham, Ryan talks about how he used his database to take on the dominant agent in his area and become number one.

He also reveals how he optimises his workday through structure and process, the importance of taking breaks and regular holidays to keep your energy levels high and how to grow a team in the right way.

“Just be consistent. It can be hard to have consistent sales, but it’s easy to be consistent with your weekly activities. Are you consistently hitting a call target or an appraisal target, or a listing presentation target? The only thing that impacts those things is you as an agent.” – Ryan Bradeley.

Bianca and Ryan also discuss:

  • The benefits of being a sales associate when you’re trying to break into the industry.
  • How to take on a dominant agent and build your own market share.
  • The fastest way to grow your market share by building and farming your database.
  • Optimising your workday, but finding areas of the job that you have fallen out of and finding ways to get them done.
  • Why you should schedule regular breaks to make sure your energy levels remain high.
  • How to grow your team the right way by focusing on the areas that you’re deficient in.
  • Why you need to hire the right person for the job, if you want to build a high-performing team.
  • Where to spend your money when you are trying to grow your business for maximum return.
  • Why social media can be a distraction more than a benefit for a sales agent.
  • The reason it can be just as good to be the number two agent rather than number one.
  • Why consistency of your process goals is the most important part of real estate.
  • Why too many agents quit too early when they are just about to make it.

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