Robert Kennedy Jr. Admits to purchasing Bitcoin

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US Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. said he bought 14 BTC for his children to “put his money where his mouth is.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, also known as RFK Jr., participated in a Twitter Space hosted by crypto investor Scott Melker on July 26. The presidential candidate, known for his support for Bitcoin (BTC), said he bought two BTC for each of his seven children after the Bitcoin Miami conference in May 2023. 

According to Kennedy Jr., the Bitcoin purchases came after the politician faced criticisms from the media for just speaking favorably about the asset without owning any BTC. 

Kennedy Jr. also noted that he might receive more criticism following his revelation. However, he added, “Nobody can say I didn’t put my money where my mouth is.” He acknowledged the support he had received so far from the BTC community. 

At the time of the purchase, Bitcoin was trading around $27,000 days after the conference, with one BTC now worth $29,538, according to data from Coingecko. The current price of the number one crypto by market capitalization puts the value of Kennedy Jr.’s Bitcoin purchase at over $413,000. 

The disclosure, meanwhile, comes after financial records showed that the politician owned BTC worth $100,000 to $250,000, with RFK Jr later clarifying that the Bitcoin belongs to his wife. 

“The currency of freedom”

The Democrat was one of the speakers at the Bitcoin Miami conference and pledged to ensure that individuals are in charge of their digital wallets and there would be no government interference if he wins the US presidential election.

Kennedy Jr., who also called Bitcoin “the currency of freedom” in the latest interview, previously said that his administration would back the US dollar with assets such as Bitcoin, silver, or gold as a way to restore the power of the dollar, mitigate inflation, and provide America with financial stability, prosperity, and peace. 

The politician has also kicked against President Joe Biden’s proposed crypto tax policy, pledging to end capital gains tax on BTC if elected to the White House. 

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