Red Carpet Menswear Is Back

“I missed this,” a grinning Barry Keoghan told photographers on the red carpet at the Saltburn premiere in Los Angeles this week. The Irish actor joined his co-star (and GQ 2023 Men of the Year honoree) Jacob Elordi at the event, where they wordlessly heralded in a post-SAG-strike decree: Red carpet menswear is back and as wily as ever.

Elordi wore a sheeny, truffle-brown three-piece Burberry suit, which looked austere in a ’90s Daniel Day-Lewis sort of way—which, given the Australian actor’s formative appreciation for Day-Lewis’s sartorial choices and current inclination towards classic menswear, may have been his intention here. (Unfortunately, Elordi did not opt to keep the eyebrow piercing his Saltburn character, Felix, briefly sports in the film.) Keoghan, in keeping with the no-rules fashion rulebook that famous dudes have followed in recent years, pulled up like he was dressed for an entirely different occasion (or, perhaps, a pub afterparty) in a black leather moto vest, white Oxford shirt, and black jeans by Givenchy. In other words, Elordi and Keoghan were the Hailey and Justin Bieber of the Saltburn premiere.

Jacob Elordi in Burberry.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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