Ray White launches in Concord and Five Dock

Local Concord and Five Dock agents Christian Leung, Rick Pignetti, and Michael Carbone have moved over to Ray White as they hope to continue to grow their reach.

The Announcement:

Three established real estate professionals have announced their rebrand to Ray White, bringing decades of combined experience to the real estate market in Sydney’s Inner Western suburbs.

Christian Leung, Rick Pignetti, and Michael Carbone all have one thing in common; they are incredibly proud to call the region home.

Christian Leung, a seasoned agent with deep roots in Concord, has been a trusted figure in the local real estate scene. 

Rick Pignetti, with two decades of specialised experience in property management, brings a wealth of knowledge and community connections.

The pair opened their business five years ago, with locally loved, experienced sales agent Michael Carbone joining them as director in 2022.

“We chose to join Ray White because of the strength of the brand and the corporate support available,” Mr Pignetti said.

“After five years in business together, we realised the importance of aligning ourselves with a household name that could help us achieve our aspirations.”

Concord, a vibrant suburban community where all three directors have deep personal connections, offers a diverse market appealing to a range of investors, families, and individuals. 

With its proximity to essential amenities, excellent schools, and recreational facilities, Concord and Five Dock embody a lifestyle sought after by many.

“Michael is a born and raised Concord boy, Christian grew up around the corner in Chiswick and my family is well known around the Italian community in the area, which I am very proud of,” Mr Pignetti said.

Mr Leung said that their motto was always about servicing a region that they all love to live in.

“We have a wonderful, multicultural community here and our region caters to all segments of the market; upsizers, downsizers, first-home buyers, mum and dad investors; the list goes on,” Mr Leung said.

“Our goal is not just about achieving individual success but building a strong team and fostering a sense of community.

“We aim to recruit and mentor like-minded professionals who share our values and commitment to exceptional service.”

The trio’s approach emphasises empathy, transparency, and a genuine connection with clients- a departure from traditional stereotypes in the industry.

“For us, it is about getting in and really connecting with our community on a human level,” Mr Carbone said.

“All three of us are very different in our approaches to real estate, which means we really can work to each other’s strengths.

“Our focus remains on providing unparalleled service to the community we love while leveraging the resources and support of Ray White.”

In the coming months, the trio are committed to laying the foundation for growth, nurturing a dynamic team, and expanding their presence in the Concord area.

Ray White New South Wales Chief Executive Officer Tim Snell said that the opening of Ray White Concord | Five Dock was a great source of pride for him and his team.

“These three gentlemen are proven performers with unmatched ambition,” Mr Snell said.

“Their desire to grow the careers of others is the culture of leadership we wish to promote as we continue to identify and build the next generation in the industry.

“They are excellent operators and we are humbled that they have chosen Ray White as their partner in this strategic business decision. 

“We look forward to supporting their ambition and watching them grow.”

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