PWHL 2023-24 playoff chances and projected standings

Welcome to our PWHL projections and probabilities page, where you will find each team’s projected record and point total, as well as its probability of making the playoffs, advancing to the final, and winning the PWHL championship.

The projections are based on 50,000 simulations of the remainder of the season, which factor each team’s projected strength, strength of schedule and home ice. Each team’s projected strength is based on their margin of victory in each game relative to what was expected of them in that game based on home ice and opponent strength. 

This page will be updated after every PWHL game day. Click to expand charts for a larger view.

All projections and probabilities are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Last updated: February 19, 2024, 10:30 A.M. EST

2023-24 PWHL team projected standings

2023-24 PWHL daily playoff chances

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