Powerhouse Arts (PHA) has launched a Publishing program that produces limited edition prints published by the Powerhouse Arts Printshop. Artist Ivan Forde has produced the inaugural print, with limited edition prints by artists Alex Dodge, Julia Wachtel, and Michael Joo to follow in 2024.

The PHA Print Publishing program seeks to introduce collectors to a diverse range of artists and technical processes made possible through their collaboration with the PHA Printshop. Each artist will produce an edition of approximately 30–50 prints, ranging in price. Artists receive 50% of the proceeds or sales and Powerhouse Arts receives the other 50%, which is redirected back into the Printshop. Collectors are invited to engage with the artists and PHA’s leading print team at events throughout the year.

In 2023, New York-based artist Ivan Forde began collaborating with the Powerhouse Arts Printshop as a pilot for the shop’s yet-to-launch Artist in Residence program. Working in collaboration with Printshop Director Luther Davis and the talented Printshop team, Forde explored new hybridized processes including cyanotype, batik, collage, embroidery, and hand-coloring, working in silkscreen, etching, inkjet, and UV printing. Forde is known for his mythic cyanotypes and experiments in batik dye that feature self-portraits in the guise of folkloric characters. His work explores contemporary notions of migration, memory, homeland, and identity through poetry and mystical narratives — themes that persist in his inaugural print published through Powerhouse Arts entitled “Fall Of Man”. 

To learn more about the Print Publishing program or to acquire a print, please email development@powerhousearts.org.

Read about the PHA Printshop on powerhousearts.org.