Petunia Production Pointers to Help You Prepare for Spring

If petunias are one of your main crops, you’re in luck as you plan for spring production. A recent eGRO alert goes all in petunias, with several tips on how to get the highest-quality crop possible.

  • Mind the Mist: During propagation, mist management is the key to quick rooting. Excessive moisture will result in slower rooting and the onset of shoot tip discoloration and necrosis, according to Patrick Veazie and Brian Whipker of North Carolina State University. Learn more here.
  • Ironing Out the Problems in a Petunia Crop: Veazie and Whipker also note that interveinal chlorosis of the upper foliage is a common problem in petunia production. However, this can be a result of many factors including insufficient iron fertility, high pH, and overwatering resulting in iron deficiency symptoms. Learn more here.

More advice on petunia production can be found here.

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