Pedro Pascal Has Discovered the Ideal Midseason Coat

Over the last year, Pedro Pascal has had his fair share of wavy menswear moments. From very big, very red Valentino coats to red-carpet-ready medical arm slings, the mad has become the actor’s style M.O. But for what may be his most surprising fit as of late, Pascal went uncharacteristically classic.

At a recent SAG-AFTRA event in Los Angeles, the Last of Us star walked onstage with his signature scruffy hair, his Twitter-winning smile, and a paper cup of java in hand. A year after causing an internet commotion with his kooky hot professor look, he took things back to basics with a white tee and blue jeans combo—a favorite among Hollywood’s new leading men these days. But the piece that really stole the show was his nylon 4S Designs overcoat with an extra looong silhouette and oversized pockets. We’ve hit the Big Coat Season sweet spot with this one, which boasts some magnetic Hollywood swish but isn’t pure mobster.

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Founded in 2020, 4S Designs is the brainchild of menswear maestro Angelo Urrutia—and even if you’ve never heard of his name before, it’s likely you’ve seen some of his work. Formerly of Engineered Garments and Nepenthes, not only does the New Yorker have one helluva CV, he’s also got plenty of experience with technical fabrics that fuse elements of streetwear with more traditional shapes. It’s a label that Pascal has loved since the very beginning, and one that he’s flexed time and time again.

And look, even if it’s a one-off, Pedro Pascal is a menswear king at all points on the wavy scale. We’ll take hot professor looks. We’ll take Met Gala short-shorts. And we’ll take solid raincoats that every single guy can wear.

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