OpenSea users targeted in phishing scam disguised as official NFT offers


In a Nov. 14 post on X from WuBlockchain, it was confirmed that several community users had reported they received phishing emails from an “Opensea official.”

As part of these emails, users were being offered NFTs.

Plenty of phish in the sea

OpenSea has stated before that user emails and even developer API keys may be leaked because the supplier is attacked.

At the same time, OpenSea issued a post on Nov. 13 stating that “There’s no hack.” and going on to warn users not to click links they don’t trust. That said, X now contains thousands of tweets about the alleged hacking.

A large target

The news follows the announcement from OpenSea’s co-founder and CEO, Devin Finzer, announced job cuts on Nov. 3.

According to Finzer’s post, the decision to implement these cuts stemmed from a comprehensive reassessment of OpenSea’s “operating culture, product, and tech from the ground up.”

This strategic realignment is a pivotal step within the framework of “OpenSea 2.0” as the prominent digital collectible trading platform endeavors to fortify its position. However, the news has since been overshadowed with skepticism about the alleged phishing scam.

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